Sunday, April 21, 2013

Did they wear sneakers back then?

Shek participated in his first play ever this week. Minutemen didn't wear sneakers back in the day, but Shek says they could have been even faster if they did. He was a minute man an actually died on stage. He really loved getting to "croak" on stage...then he had to run back and put on a beard, hat and blue shirt for an Amish man. It was a cute play by the Konos Kids. They all did such a great job.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tis the season to go to Prom

I am very far behind with blog posts. BUT I think I will start now with a quick post and work my way backwards. I just took some snapshots of Karlie before she went into the Spring Formal/ Prom. I thought she was lovely against the backdrop of the wisteria bush in the parking lot. I think she had her photo snapped several times with the group, but here's this momma's photos of her beautiful girl.

A little over seventeen years ago, when I found out I was having a girl. I was excited. I prayed, "Lord let her be beautiful, sweet and petite." And God heard my prayers and she was His answer. HE is good.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nashville snapshots

We went to Nashville last Saturday to see Zach. It was good treat at the end of Spring Break. We stopped by Loveless Cafe. Jolie always wants to have her photo made in these add your face to the hole in the board things....

Daddy hugs are the best.

Loveless is just around the corner from this bridge on the Natchez Trace. We walked across this very high bridge. It's creepily high to those who might be a little scared of heights.

We enjoyed the park near the pedestrian bridge in the downtown area.
Conquering the big mound near the Titans stadium...or grassy noll as my old college band director would have called it.

On the bridge

Karlie with the Batman building in the background.

Smile and act's taking too many photos.

Can you say HAM?

Went to church with Zach at Jutson Baptist in Brentwood. Very friendly church. Loved it.
After church and lunch we talked dad into stopping by Antique Archaeology  Shek loves this show and records them he always begs to stop. So we did. 

It was a quick little trip. We had fun. Now 5 ish more weeks of school and we can say SUMMER vacation. I can't wait.