Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lunch Conversations

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall and listen to our lunch conversation?

No worries...

Here's your chance...

While I am playing the role of short order cook, and piecing together different leftovers for everyone's lunch this is the conversation that comes at me from the kitchen barstools....

Jolie....MOM, I want this and that and this and that for Christmas...I sure hope nobody gets my toys. (meaning, she sure hopes no one gets the items she showed me last time at Marshalls...She already knows that if you don't get it when you see it at marshalls it's probably not gonna be there...and she knows I didn't get it...)

Shek....Jolie do you know what Christmas is really about?

Jolie.... No.

Mom (that's me...thinks quickly to myself...YES you do..we go over this constantly. We know Jesus is in this house?...but at the mere thought that someone doesn't or has forgotten ....we will now have a reminder as mom will go into sermon review mode and remind everyone who Jesus is and when his birthday is and will use props if necessary)

MOM... Karlie bring me that Mary and Joseph Baby Jesus statue on the shelf...

Shek ...I will do it..

(we all show Jolie, Jesus, Mary and Joseph..)

Jolie: Why did he die on the Cross?

Jolie: What did he say when he died on the Cross?

Jolie: What did Mary say when He died on the cross? 

Shek tries to interject some answers in between her barrage of the Why and what questions that her age is so eager to ask incessantly.

Shek: He died on the cross for your sins. He had to be born so that he could die for our sins....

Mom: Do you know what sin is?

Jolie: No

Mom: You know when you tell a lie, or hit your siblings, or sass and do bad things...that's sin. 

Shek: YEAH, and Jesus had to die for all the bad stuff. (and he get's the next prop, the cross made out of nails...

Jolie: How did they put him on the cross?

Shek: With these and shows  her the cross he grabbed off the shelf the one made out of spikes.

Jolie: What does it say on the tomb?

Mom: He's not in the tomb anymore

Shek: He rose on the third day.

Jolie: What did the angel say to him? Did the angel say He will wake up in 2 mins?

 MOM ( I am wondering where did she come up with that?)

MOM: Now, do you know who's birthday it is at Christmas?

Jolie: It's Jesus' birthday. What did he say on the cross?

Mom:  He said Father forgive them because they don't know what they are doing.

Jolie: What's his middle name?

Mom: I don't know maybe Christ.

Shek: No, it's Son of GOD.

and the questions/ conversations continue. 

So, what did you talk about at lunch?

Monday, September 23, 2013

sunday fundays

It was afternoon, after Sunday Morning Church, and lunch 
The kids said let's go play outside. Jolie had been requesting a hop scotch. 
So I found the chalk and sketched out two with the help of Shek...he demonstrated to Jolie How it's done.
Jolie just liked the hoping...
I said let's take some photos and blow up instagram.
My girly girls...My hair was styled by Einstein on Sunday.

We had fun playing outside and snapping photos.... 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Referral...three years ago today.

It was three years ago on September 20, 2010, that we received our referral. We opened up an email from Small World Adoption that said, Possible Match. AND for the very First time we saw this sweet face in three photos.

We saw this little face 

We immediately knew that this sweet girl was apart of our

Has it been three years since we first saw your photo already...can you believe it?
It seems like 
You have been in our family forever.

Happy Referral Day to us.
Our family is forever blessed.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

September is birthday central

On September 10 2001...this fellow entered the world. Has it really been 12 years already? 
Shek is much loved by his family... can't believe he's grown so much since that baby photo taken the day  before the world changed on 9/11
Shek requested a cookie cake this year. We asked the Kroger bakery if they could put a tennis racket on it. She told us when we picked it up that she was not so sure about it. We thought it looked great, and Shek told her it looked awesome. I was very proud that he told her his appreciation and complimented her work.
We started some crazy tradition starting with Zach, that in the 6th grade you get a cell phone for your birthday. Shek was more than ready for his cell phone and would not let us forget it was his turn. Karlie of course iphone, you have to pay your dues first with a flip phone. He is enjoying his  phone a lot...he has some crazy horse whiney for his ringer/textmessage alert. He said it gets his attention...and I said and everyone else's within a 2 mile radius.
As the blog mentions, September is birthday central here in the Berry household. Two out of four kids have birthdays in September and only days apart. Zach turned 21 on the 13...this year his birthday fell on Friday the 13. We don't believe in the whole luck thing.
When ya have Jesus...who needs luck.

This momma couldn't let her boy turn 21 without a visit. So we made a whirlwind trip to Nashville to spend the day with him. We enjoyed a nice sunny yet cool autumn day checking out the sights  of Franklin Tennessee...can we move there? It was awesome.

Can't believe my boys are 21 and 12. 
happy birthday boys!
Mom and Dad love you.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweetest Berries in the bowl

We have had a busy weekkk. I think my foot has been on the accelerator and we've just now had time to apply the break...for at least a few minutes anyway.

Life got busy last week, with the AdvoCare 500...lots of corporate events, and just plain ole Advocare fun.

Then after labor day, Karlie and Shek had their very first day of school.

Followed by Jolie's surgery. We had to stay overnight, and she was past ready to come home at breakfast time the following day.

Quote of the week:
"All I do is take medicine." Jolie

 She is recovering nicely and felt good enough today to come see Shek at his practice tennis match in East Point.

And in all of the busy...we have still managed to get most of our school work done.

Karlie is studying To Kill a Mockingbird once again. She read it two years ago before we joined the fun at Konos Academy. I think it's fun to study it again.

Can't wait to see what is next...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer over?

This weekend has been busy, but fun. The race is in town. On Friday, Karl joined some friends to share Advocare samples and information for those enjoying the fan zone at the race. Then I joined him on Saturday.

On Saturday night the guys at our house went to the Nationwide series races. We girls went shopping for a back to school outfit. (Konos first day is Tuesday).
On Sunday, the whole family came for the Speedway children charity walk. Jolie wanted to pose on the stage in front of the AdvoCare sign. She has this thing about getting on the stage...

Team AdvoCare ready for the track walk.
Jolie, Zach, Shek and Eric

My friends The Millers join the fun on the track walk.

There were lots of photos snapped of the events, but I only shared a few here.

School starts Tuesday for Karlie and Shek, and Jolie has another surgery this Wednesday. We are starting off this school year/week with a bang...
 I can't believe summer is now officially over, with Labor Day fleeting fast.
 Must I put up the white shoes and flip flops?
Nah, Flip flops are a year round shoe choice for me.
Happy Labor Day celebrations, to you and yours.