Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Easter Weekend started with Good Friday Service with our church, Passion City Church, at an amphitheater. People from everywhere attended even in the pouring rain. We were thankful for a seat under the cover, but many sat on the lawn under umbrellas. It was cold, wet, and muddy, but so worth it. Although it was cold wet and was rather fitting that it should be, as we contemplate what He did for us on the cross.
It was a cool,  I mean very cold and wet Good Friday. It was Friday, but we knew Sunday was coming.

Saturday, we decided to change up tradition a little and have our Family Easter gathering, meal, egg hunt and Honey's birthday. We usually have it after Sunday church, but since we would already be almost 2 hours north, there was just no reason for Zach not to go ahead and head on to Nashville after lunch. So we switched it up a bit.

Jolie looooves birthdays and really gets into the singing of Happy Birthday. You can see her dramatic broadway production of happy birthday to Honey.
She turns 89 later this week.
We celebrated with an egg shaped Publix cake and cupcakes that Gam and Pop brought.

Gam and Pop were here for the festivities but somehow I managed not to have a photo of them. I snagged their Easter day photo they snapped on their way to Sunday School this morning.

After celebrating Honey's birthday, it was time for the egg hunt.
Having a 4 year old mixed in with teens and a 20 something year old...the  oldies just don't want to hunt eggs I decided to start an egg hunt like my friend Melissa does with her grown kids.
MONEY is the treat in the eggs.

When money is the  treat
these kiddos are ready to run and find the eggs.
The pretty Easter baskets are put away....this kind of egg hunt calls for something that want spill, something a kroger bag.
Running to find eggs!
This year I numbered the eggs, and they 'cashed' in their eggs. I had a list with an amount listed by each number. They received the amount listed by the numbers on the eggs they found. Here they are with their cash. I actually miscalculated, and ended up needing 10 dollars more to pay off my egg debt. I am sure the kiddos loved the fact that momma is not good with numbers when it works in their favor.

This morning we headed out extra early. Church was again at the amphitheater. 

Jolie is usualy in Bloom and not in big church. She was happy to hear the music and work the activity book that they provided for the little ones. BUT after awhile she fell asleep. I kept hearing something, and Shek told me it was Jolie snoring. She soon woke up  at the end of the service when the band started playing
God's great dance floor. She liked it.

After church we found a place open for lunch. I snapped some photos of the kiddos in their Easter outfits, and we hugged Zach bye...and we all headed home.
Easter 2014
My girls

If we look into each other's can't see how squinty my eyes are in the sun.

Jolie is hamming it up on Easter.


Happy Easter. 
It's not about the family gatherings, or the eggs, or the chocolate, it's about His saving Grace!
Happy Resurrection Sunday!