Thursday, June 30, 2011


I am still without a laptop...the only reason I can post today is that I can use Karl's work laptop at night. I just can't download all my photos that are patiently waiting on the camera onto Karl's work laptop. Karl talked with tech support and he has to send off my laptop for repair...ugh

This week marks Jolie's 4th month with us! Shek took a photo of us today with my phone. Jolie had to have Emily the dog in the photo.  She loves Em!

Jolie 4 months OURS~Seems like she's been here forever!

Here's a photo of both of us with know how you have to send in photos with both parents in every photo for the post placement reports? We have lots and I do mean lots of photos but, not necessarily with both parents and Jolie at the same know someone has to take the photo!

Jolie had her dentist appointment yesterday for the dental mold to be made for her surgery which is August 10. We have the best two dentists in the world. ...Jolie goes to the Cleft dentist at CHOA...super nice...and the rest of the fam goes to Dr. fact Shek had to go today to Dr. Nia to have a baby tooth removed. He was  a little loopy after the laughing gas...and as the doc said...Shek was still a little "stunned" when it was over...but he has recovered...and then started 'wheeler-dealing' with me. You see..he owes me he says...take my tooth and put it under your pillow and Dad can give you the cash and then we'll be even....
Some how I knew I'd never see that 4 bucks again!

Well...I'll blog again soon when ever I can borrow a laptop or get mine back, but until then I am still laptopless...and I don't like it!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can I please have my laptop back?

We are all having lap top withdrawals at our house. It seems that our "new" lap top has decided not to work. So for the past three days we have gone with out one. We've checking in with the world through our phones, and our dinosaur desktop BUT I have lots of photos to download and lots to write! I don't like being with out a laptop...but maybe I needed a few days on computer restriction!

I want my laptop back, Please! In good working order of course!

Sunday Snapshot

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Your View Counts

Here's a video of Zach and band playing last week. It's not a great video production...because I was the one videoing it with my little bitty camera...and I was also sitting next to a two year old who on more than one occasion decided she needed to grab at the that will explain the shakes and bobbles...well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

So he would like to increase his youtube view take a look...share it...get the word out. Let's see how many views he can get.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Shek likes to put on his swimming trunks and get outside and get sprayed with the water hose. So he begged to do this and for Jolie to get to do this too. SO we found the suits and off we went out to the driveway. Jolie likes to be in control of the hose....and she was even sneaky and sprayed those of us who were planning on only being bystanders, you know just watching....

The watchers....those wishing not to get wet....
Karlie is sitting near the hose...she had to move if she didn't want to get wet.
Look who has the hose!

Check out this sneaky expression...that's when she turned the hose on the innocent bystanders...
Karlie was sprayed at close range...she's in between laughing and crying...she is shocked so!

 Spraying Shek is so fun!
 My favorite splash photo...
 The pets made sure to get out the way of the sprayer.
 The water was creeping up on Emily!
Shek says...."Ok, it's my turn to spray!"

Splashing around this afternoon was fun...even if we bystanders got a little wet too!

Monday, June 20, 2011


I've always thought I was a HIP mom, but now I have proof...because my hubby gave me one of their beautiful necklaces for our anniversary. We checked our mail on Friday afternoon on the way to see the evening concerts at Atlanta Fest and there was a box for me. And the return address was from Hip Mom Jewelry .  I was very excited!! When I opened the box...I photographed the upwrap...It was wrapped in the shipping box so nicely.

It was wrapped in brown and white tissue!

A pink box was inside with a hip mom label and card!
Can't wait to see the inside!
A little brown felt felt bag....
With the layered necklace that I have wanted for a long time....The circle has my hubby's and my names, the square has all 4 kids' names....isn't it lovely?
Now am I hip or what?

Father's Day Weekend~ 2011

The kids were a little more cooperative about taking photographs on Father's Day than they were on Mother's Day! 

 When Gam and I grabbed the cameras after lunch for a group shot, Jolie got ready with her "cheese"...then she went and got her sister for a "cheese"...
 Then she got Shek to join in for a "cheese"...
 Then she went to the couch and said, "Zach come over here." (and it was in very southern drawl...even I don't say here as Heah!)...LOL
 So all the kids fell over in the floor for a photo...

 Outside in the bright sunshine we snapped a few photos of Karl with his kids, and Pop with his grands...There was a whole lot of squinting going on!

Jolie decided to give Karlie a "smacker" right when I snapped this photo!

Earlier in the weekend ZachBerryMusic placed 3rd in the AtlantaFest Talent Search! Praise God. Read more about it  on his blog here!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday snapshot~Time Flies!

They say: "Time flies when you're having fun!" Well, it must be the truth..because it's hard to believe that it has been 21 years ago today (June 16) that I married the sweetest man alive, my best friend. God blessed me with my hubby! He's the best!

We were married in my home church in Mississippi at quarter past two o'clock in the afternoon because I liked how that looked on the invitation! LOL
The Church was all decked out with ferns and shades of it was not Steel Magnolias! 
We didn't have an armadillo groom's cake..although red velvet is pretty yummy!
Here's me and my bridesmaids. Daf,(I met in 5th grade,I  moved away,we met again at band, we became roomies two years later and best of friends.  Tammye, we have been  friends since high school...we were band nerds together! Then Becky, met at Mississippi State in band and  Iwas in her BSU weekly Bible study one semester. Then there is Amy we became friends in Junior high! Jessica was my flower girl...a cousin who is now all grown and married herself!
On the morning of the wedding, Daf said she had a dream about singing "Going to the Chapel" on the way to the we sang it all the way to church.
I rocked my puffed sleeves! Puffed sleeves were the thing back then...I was a fan of Anne of Green Gables... and I wanted puffed sleeves...glad they were the thing in wedding gowns at the time.
There's the whole wedding party including Brother Bob, Tom Moak (one of my favorite people in the world, he sang "The Lord's Prayer" and MaryBeth sang "Make Us One" and "In this very Room"...and Durr played the organ, he was the church's organist as well as my favorite college British Lit teacher!
Brother Bob and us. He was my pastor through out my youth. He baptized me when I was 13. And married us;.he has a special place in our hearts.

The groomsmen...Brad, his best friend from Kindergarten...they don't get to visit like they  used to, then Joe his cousin, Carroll his dad...he passed away in 1999, Then his brother Russ is standing on the end.
Aren't we sooo cute!?
My favorite of all our wedding photos!
A very Happy Day!
Here we are with our brother-in-law used to comment that I had my eyes bugged out in all the photos, bless his heart! (I used to have a hard time keeping my eyes open with those wicked flashes).
Posing with my grandmother, Honey
 G and Greatmama....Karl's grands, both have since gone to be with Jesus.
Cutting the cake.
That's some good pink punch right there...and that was the best wedding cake ever...My friend Tammye told me about the baker...she was a lady that lived in Wesson.
The Groom's Cake...It was strawberry with a boat theme, Karl Berry's favorite...well, pound cake is high on his favorite list too.
Daf catches the bouquet!
And we're off!

Twenty-one years later...Karl has had 8 different jobs, I've taught preschool at 2 different churches, and taught high school homeschool co-ops and mostly been wife and mom. We've lived in two different towns, and lived in one apartment and 3 different houses...we have four kids (3 bios and 1 adopted)... We've had two miscarriages..We have buried both of Karl's grandmothers, and his parents...A lot has happened in the past 21 years....I am thankful to GOD for blessing us with each other!

AND you ask what did you do for your anniversary today? Well, we slept a little late planning to go for lunch with out the kids....but our oldest says by the way...all the guys that are playing with me tomorrow at AtlantaFest...well, they are spending the night. So we spent a better part of the day blowing up air mattresses and tidying up! Karl would say he spent a lot of his morning scanning in wedding photos for me...We did make it to a nice lunch and then got in a little shopping.
He gave me this beautiful necklace for our anniversary! I've wanted one for a long time. I'll post more photos of it on another post. It comes packaged so nicely! And of course I photographed each step of the

Happy Anniversary, Karl! I love you...and thanks for scanning in all these wedding photos and for the beautiful necklace!

Sunday Snapshot

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Finally! We got ourselves to the lake...usually by June we have been to the lake several times...but this year  our schedule has prevented us from getting there! BUT Karl has Wednesday-Friday off this week (for Atlanta Fest)...and our anniversary is tomorrow!

Today was Jolie's 1st lake and boat experience...I think she was really starting to like it!
For Karl's bday, I had the detail guy  wash and wax his was so nice to be riding in a shiny boat. Zach commented on how slick it was when he jumped off the front. Karl brought the tube, but by the time we got there it had it has some kind of major leak...we'll have to invest in a new one soon.
The guys were in the back...the girls were up front. 
Lake Jackson

Karlie and I like the front of the boat best...

 Don't know what Jolie thought at first...she wanted that bottle of milk though.
Karl is happiest on the boat at the lake.

Jolie and her movie star glasses!
The guys enjoyed cooling off in the lake...they were disappointed about the flat tube.

 Shek called "shotgun" on the boat!
Jolie liked talking to the guys while they swam.
 Still talking to the guys.
This guy has been more than ready to get in the lake!

Karlie wore her I love Jesus cap for a little while and it blew off. Zach wore his Auburn cap and it blew off too, But we retrieved both.

My girls! 

Spenser and Zach

 Shek drove the boat awhile and Zach did too.
 Jolie rode shotgun with Zach for awhile.
 Headed back to's Wednesday after all.
 Shek's dream boat~batman speed boat. We pass it everytime we go to the lake.
Jolie is pooped out after an afternoon at the lake. I am sure glad we went earlier today...because it sure is storming now.