Monday, December 27, 2010

It's TIME!

I love Christmas...I love the decorations...but when Christmas is over....I am ready to get the decor boxed up and put away. With everyone helping yesterday, we had this house FULL of Christmas boxed up and put away. Zach commented that we were putting up Christmas in race car fashion. I just said it's time to put it up and I want it outta here. So everything is up and pretty much back to normal. (Karl still has to remove the window wreaths..but the wreaths are entirely his job.

So now, that Christmas is's time to get back on track. It's TIME to get some extra poundage off! For Christmas, I got some new exercise dvds that I hinted for (Body Gospel) They just look fun! And if exercise looks fun, then that's the kind I need! Am going to get started on that tomorrow with friends. It's good to exercise with friends...cause then you are committed to "finish" the exercise for the day if you have friends standing there doing the exercise with ya!

So, Karl and I decided we are doing the diet plan. THE same plan that Zach and I tried out about 4 years ago and lost weight doing. The plan works...if you do it.

So we start the 3 days of preparation. We've been to Sam's we've bought the salad, the chicken, protein bars and shakes...I'll tell ya what happens after 3 days....Men always get rid of  more weight than women...I know when Zach does the three day prep period...he sheds 10 lbs in three days and then it steadily falls off...I usually only lose 5 to 7 lbs in 3 days...but hey I'll take that!

SO!!!now I leave you to drink WATER!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday SnapshotMerry Christmas from our house to yours!

Merry Christmas!

Ni Hao Y'all

This year...Christmas started at 7am. Honey drove around from the basement, Gam and Pop had spent the night. Shek passed out the gifts. Karlie had an earache. Karl had to go to the drug store for something to help with that. BUT Everyone had a good time. We had ham, and broccoli rice casserole like Aunt Dianne used to make. Shek got a guitar and his brother has already taught him a chord.  Karlie is enjoying her netbook. And I got some new exercise dvds and a Joyce Meyer book!!! YEAH! These exercise dvds look fun, can't wait to try them out with Melissa this week.

 Here's some photos of the family. Pop was able to do CPR on my camera and it lives again...Praise the Lord. I didn't get any gift unwrapping photos, but I got a few around the tree.
Gam, Karlie and Shek pose while waiting on everyone to get ready for the picture taking frenzy!

The grands with the kiddos.
Pop, Gam, and Honey with Zach, Shek, and Karlie

I was added to the mix...and I had the biggest laugh over this photo...I don't know what me and Zach are doing in this photo...but it's good for a laugh. Karl took several photos...he said y'all can look better than

This one is more like it!
We've added Karl to the photo.
 Here's another one!

Honey and Us!
Apparently, everyone else was looking goofy in the photo, and since Honey and I looked so cute...I cropped us  to share! 
Karl and Zach.

There's me and my sweetie...this is our 21st Christmas together not counting all of the "courting Christmases"

He is wearing his hat because he has been in the garage helping Zach install his new car radio....and it's cold out there.

Here's the Berry crew...minus Jolie.
Christmas Day 2010

Today has been a fun day. The kids are flitting back in forth checking out their Christmas goodies. Gam and Pop have gone back to their house because it has started to sleet and is supposed to "snow" fact many friends in N. Georgia are reporting snow already. Having lived in the deep south all my life I have never ever had a white Christmas. I have had a few flurries on Christmas, but never one like you sing about. Our pastor has been praying for a white Christmas for a long while now...not just a physical White Christmas, but a spiritual one as well. Maybe this year...we will have a white Christmas...where the tree tops glisten.

We have recorded a few Christmas movies over the past 2 days and I know White Christmas is one of them. I think it's time to crank up the DVR and relax and watch a few old Christmas movies.

May your days be Merry and White.
Merry Christmas!

white christmas photos 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Birthday Party for Jesus

Every Christmas Eve, we have a birthday party for Jesus either prior to the Christmas eve service or afterwards. Today we had the birthday party for Jesus before going to church. We have service at 8. I was able to take 3 photos before my camera died or maybe it's in a "coma"...either way it's done taking photos for now...and on Christmas at that!
The Birthday grub
The Shrimp Dip all finished from yesterday's cooking spree.

Now I am off to try and revive my camera before church starts.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shrimp Dip

When I was a little girl, Honey and Mom used to always make shrimp dip at Christmas! It was always a hit. Honey even had a fish shaped mold that she got with her green stamps back in the '70's. Honey said it was someone's "secret recipe" back in Natchez MS...and that it was only given to momma if she didn't share it. And she never did share it outside of our family. Now that it's at least 30 years later, I think it's safe to share it.
We decided that since we had not made this dip in years that we would try it mold and all. So I dusted off the fish mold and we set to work. We have spent the good part of a day Christmas cooking and it has been a lot of fun.
Shrimp Dip
1 can of condensed tomato soup undiluted
6 oz of cream cheese
1 T. flavored gelatin and 1 T water (to dissolve gelatin)
1 T onion chopped
1 T bellpepper chopped
1 large can shrimp  chopped
dash of garlic salt
1 pint of mayo
Green olives for garnish...optional
Heat soup until bubbles, add cream cheese, blend till smooth, dissolve gelatin in the 1 T water and add along with the  onion, bellpeppers, and shrimp to the soup mixture. Add garlic salt and mayo when cool. Place in a mold or dish, cover and chill in fridge.

The Main Characters...

Tomato soup...cook it till it bubbles

1 large can of shrimp chopped up in a little chopper.

1 T onion and 1 T bell pepper chopped up in a little chopper.

drop 6 oz of cream cheese in the soup continue cooking till mixed well.
Then add gelatin that you have already dissolved in 1 T water, add the chopped onion, bellpepper and shrimp.

In the meantime, get out your 1970's green stamp fish mold and rub a little oil in it with a paper towel.

When it cools a little add 1 pt of Mayo.

Then pour mixture in the mold.

Get it all in there...but save a little to taste. Cover with saran wrap and chill.

Tomorrow, we will take this out of the fridge and flip it over on a dish. Honey will decorate it with olives (one for the eye and a few for the scales...I will try to post a  complete photo tomorrow....but it will be Christmas I'll do the best I can about a photo.

Here is the finished product!

Christmas Cooking with Honey

Honey's Ice Box Fruit Cake's an oldie but a goodie. It's not your typical fruit know the one that is dry and hard as rock and the one that everyone re-gifts...NO this fruit cake is like candy. I have always loved it when Honey made it. So today we made it together and I 'recorded' the event with my camera. Notice in the corner of the recipe is her handwritten rating...if it's has an need to try it!

Here's the stuff you need for this recipe.

Melt the butter first.

Then add a lb bag of marshmallows. Honey says the large marshmallows melt easier than the smaller ones.

Here's Honey stirring the marshmallows and butter.

Grind up a 1 lb. box of graham crackers.

The melted marshmallows and butter looks like this.

Add a  small bottle of cherries and the juice. 

Add raisins.

Add the graham cracker crumbs a little at a time and mix it together.

Don't forget the vanilla.

Add the sugar too.

Now get your hands in there and mix it up good. Honey says it's better to use rubber gloves. Even with the gloves this mixture is hot and sticky.

Add the pecans.

Take handfuls of mixture and pack tightly in a ziplock bag. Then put it in the fridge or "ice-box" as it used to be called. Wait a while and slice off a bite...ummm ummm good! 
Ready to serve!

Next Honey and I tackled Divinity.
1/2 c light karo syrup
2 1/2 c sugar
1/4 salt
1/2 c water
Combine in saucepan. Cook over medium heat; stirring constantly until sugar dissolves. Cook without stirring until firm ball (248 f). Cook without stirring until firm ball stage.
Just before syrup reaches 248 beat 2 eggs until stiff. Pour about 1/2 syrup slowly over egg whites beating constantly. Cook the remainder of the syrup to soft crack stage 272. Take remainder of syrup and add to 1st mixture. Beating constantly until it holds it shape. Add 1 t vanilla and 1 c chopped nuts. Drop by spoonfuls on wax paper.

The characters

Sugar salt and water in a saucepan

start to cook it.
Don't forget the karo

Candy thermometer to have it. Although Honey said she knew ladies that could just look at the bubbles and know when it had reached the right stage, but she says GET a Candy Thermometer.

Beat the eggs.

until they are stiff.

Look at your mixture...after the sugar dissolves, quit stirring and let it just boil. It will take it awhile to reach the proper temp 248*.

We had to go get the "smack-daddy" mixer...this recipe is not for the "faint at heart" need one that can stand in its own stand. Pour half of the syrup mixture slowly(tiny stream) into the bowl with the mixer on a relatively high speed.

take the other half of syrup and take it back to the heat. Don't let your candy therm. hit the bottom of the pan cause you don't want it to crack from the heat. Bring it back to soft crack stage 272*.

Shek watches as it gets to looking like divinity...SO glad for my kitchen aid arm would have been worn out if I had to hold the mixer.

There's the soft crack stage...

Pour in a tiny stream as the mixer  has not ceased to mix.

add 1 t vanilla

add 1 c chopped pecans

It's looking like candy!

Wet your fingers and start placing spoonfuls of candy on wax paper.

wah-la! It's done...and good. Honey and I no longer dread the making of divinity. For best results for this recipe: you must have fair weather, 2 people make it easier, a candy thermometer, and a mixer in a stand! Next week, after all this good Christmas eating is done...I will start that diet program...who's with me now? LOL

Honey and Me in her kitchen downstairs!

Honey and me..and no, I am not tired so don't ask if I am and don't say Man, you look tired, Martha...cause then I might have to sock ya one! LOL

Next recipe coming soon....Shrimp Dip...a '70's Christmas classic! Stay tuned!