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Sunday Snapshot~Christmas Past

I've spent all day digging up photos of Christmas past. It's nice to look back and remember...and wonder...why did I wear that?lol  I love photos. I am just not really good at organizing them. Thank goodness for digital and downloads. At least I know the photos are somewhere in the "machine".... My grandmother, Honey, is good at taking photos and keeping them organized. I have  "snagged" a few from her albums to upload here. I still need more of the real oldies. My mom is "supposed" to be looking for some! I have found a few of our family over the years, but am having a hard time locating Shek's  baby Christmas photos...I guess he came along in the digital age and his photos are locked away somewhere on this machine and I will need my "techy" hubby to retrieve them. I have found a few to share.  There's lots of photos I can't find, like one of me and my favorite cousin, Jennifer, back when we were babies. I know the photo exists, but where is it? There's lots of others that I won't share, because basically I looked awful, fatter than I am now, with huge glasses and I simply needed to be turned in to what not to wear! and I still people turn me in! I need the $5000 dollar wardrobe! LOL BUT even though I needed some fashion help, my kiddos looked so cute....and those photos of me in the 70's and 80's, well, everyone looked like just have a chuckle and think back to your Christmas Past!

***UPDATE...Momma found  some more photos of Christmas past...I have added them!
My first Christmas 1967
My Second Christmas and momma
Christmas at Cross street
Christmas and the "sunshine family" ...loved the sunshine family that '70's carpet!

Momma had this fireplace built where the sliding glass doors used to be. I like the arch in the fireplace.

Man, I wish I had this retro kids table! That would be so awesome with some red vinyl coverings!
This is my 3rd Christmas...I think I have these photos all out of order...oh well!

A high school Christmas...probably my senior year! See the Red and Blue BHS shirt!?
Momma and pop got me a cabbage patch doll...they were "the thing" for that year and very hard to get...and one just dropped in her are never too old for dolls!
Here I am again...The Jesus tree is on the table behind me...I love a "Country Christmas"

Here I am standing by Honey's "famous" tree probably around 1974? This tree, Honey made by using chicken wire and cotton and a few ornaments. When Christmas was over she simply put a plastic sheeting over it and stuck it in the closet!
Here's Lovey and me. When I was a little girl, he and Honey would drive across town to our house for Christmas Eve dinner...and then we would get to exchange gifts. One year, he made me a doll bed and Honey  quilted the bedding. I still have that little doll bed.

This is not a Christmas photo, but this was at Granny Creel's house. When my mom was a girl, she spent all of her Christmases here. I am holding my cousin Brad and am sitting between my mom and my cousin Rita. Honey, Aunt Gladys, Granny Creel and Uncle Shirley are on the couch. At Christmas time, Granny would give us all crocheted slippers. She would trace our feet on cardboard for the right size.

Here's Karl and his older brother Russ. I am sure his momma slipped this photo into a few of her Christmas cards that year. She was an avid Christmas card sender.
This is my favorite little boy photo of Karl. He is in a red sweater, I know this was probably a Christmas photo too back in 1971. He would have been 4 years old. Isn't he cute? Still is! But he really doesn't like to wear red sweaters much, but he will do it for me....sometimes! lol

Karl with his parents and grandparents around 1985. I think he is wearing the sweater I gave him for Christmas that year!

Not really a Christmas photo, but a good one of Karl and Pa Berry aka (SHEK) and the dog is Blackie! Karl says Blackie was a good squirrel dog!
Again, not really a Christmas photo, but it is Karl with his cousins Joe, Elaine and also his older brother Russ. They always spent Christmas day together during the "growing up years."
This was our 1st Thanksgiving 1990. I am wearing my Christmas red!!! Honey flew over to GA to see us that year since we were not coming home until Christmas. That was her first flight of many, and now she lives with us. I am glad to have her nearby.

Zach's 1st Christmas 1992. Karl and Zach decorate the tree. In this picture, Zach looks to be wearing Mississippi State warm-up pants while his dad wears an Auburn shirt...War Eagle....Go State!
Before Gam and Pop moved to GA, they would visit us during Christmas. Here's Zach with Pop standing outside of a restaurant in Conyers.

Gam and Pop with Karlie on her first Christmas 1995
Karlie with Gam'pa Berry
He passed away when she was 3.
Karl and Maw maw helping with Christmas clean-up!

Karlie is either 2 or 3 here...isn't she a cutie sitting by the tree with a gift wrapped in a paper bag?

Here's Zach age 4, Karlie almost 1 back in 1996 with our dog Molly.

Karlie with the "911" phone...don't know if this was such a good later on the kids did call 911 just to see what would happen!!!
This was back in the days of the Real Tree! I miss the real tree smell, but not the mess.
Pop and Zach playing with Christmas toys

For Christmas one year we went to have our 4 generation of "girls" photo taken! I said lets color coordinate and wear red, my favorite color!
The year Shek was born, I made the kids dress like Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus for our Christmas card. Last year I 'resurrected' the card for a re-run and also put it on our family calendar...since the Joseph in the photo was graduating last year...I wanted a photo that would show how much everyone had grown up!
I found this photo today while looking for others to post. I had forgotten about this one. This was the Christmas Shek was born, and we went to the mall for these photos. They had the cute props and all, but you can barely even see Shek's little face, but the photo is still a cute one!
We went back to that same overpriced cute place in the mall to have our photos made the next year.(2002)
There's more photos between 2002 and 2006...I just can't find them. LOL (they are somewhere in this "machine".
Here's my kiddos in 2006. This was taken at church when "they" come around and do the church pictorials. I love this photo of my kids. We all dressed in black and looked so professionally color coordinated and all...LOL. 

Here we are Christmas 2007...I remember it took quite a lot of takes to finally get one for the card. My family hates the dreaded Christmas card photo shoot, but this year was the best and easiest yet! I hope we have started a new tradition with easy and fast Christmas card photo taking!
Here's how we looked in the Christmas card 2008!

Here's Shek standing in the dining room next to Maw-Maw's lighted green tree in 2008. Karl's mom always had this little tree lighted at Christmas. She passed away a few summers ago.

This is Christmas Day 2008. This is our very last Christmas with Billy, my step grand-dad (standing next to Honey).  This year is our second Christmas without him at the table. We miss him. 
Shek with Granddaddy Wayne we don't see each other on Christmas, but we talk on the phone.

There's last year's card. 

Gam and Pop playing rummicube on Christmas 2009.  Honey is the game master. I am sure she beat us all!

Honey with Emily 2009

Gam and Shek with Samantha
Karl and Shek..having a coke and a smile!
If we could just bottle that Christmas Eve excitement and sprinkle it on us each day wouldn't it be grand!
My kiddos pictured here last Christmas Eve awaiting Jesus's Birthday celebration complete with red velvet cake, chips, dip, meatballs and other party foods...and don't forget the bottled "co-cola"
Next year, we add Jolie to the mix. I pray she will love us and Christmas, but more importantly that she will love Jesus with all her heart, soul and mind.

Merry Christmas to all!

For even More Christmas snapsnots of Christmas past read this because I found even more missing Christmas photos and just had to add another blog entry.

Ni Hao Y'all

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