Saturday, March 5, 2011

Faster than a speeding Bullet? Guangzhou, Medical exam...and Ketchup!

Our wonderful guide Christine and our driver drove us by East Lake yesterday on our way to the Bullet Train station. They stopped so we could get some photographs!
 The Berrys minus Zach at East Lake...How about that, for those of your who understand the significance of East Lake?!
Here we are with our Guide Christine and our driver. He was a great driver maneuvering in and out of China traffic with out any problems. I bet driving in the ATL would be a piece of cake for him...
At East Lake, Shek made friends with this very friendly large dog.
 Although it looks like I am doing my rendition of "Stop in the Name of Love"...we had actually been playing. Jolie Wen Wen had discovered that the big waiting room in the train station had a nice echo and was really enjoying vocalizing. I would tell her Shhh with my finger to my lips and then she would do it too. She's is picking up some of our words and is understanding more of what we are saying.  We were also quite the spectacle to the other passengers as we were the crazy Americans with TOO much luggage. Christine was afraid to leave us there with all of it because we would have to haul it all to the train ourselves (there's no bag check for the train)...the worrier in me was a little freaked out...but Karl the laid back one said it's all going to be fine...and ya know what...God had it all planned out...a train employee told us which end of the train to board and where to stow our extra luggage...the spot for extra luggage to big to put over the seat was where? right behind our seats! So we placed all our baggage together behind us. Isn't God good...when He just takes care of every detail! HE is awesome. Also, some nice ladies traveling together had brought their supper they offered to share it with us. We said thanks so much, but we're good. They were very nice.
We prayed that she would do good on the 3 hour train ride from Wuhan to Guangzhou. And do you know what? Right after she pitched this bottle back to dad...she went to sleep and slept the entire trip...GOD is good!
We arrived in Guangzhou, but our guide was no where to be seen. Several other guides approached us, but we were not their family....soon though she and the driver approached us...this was their first time to pick up a family at the station as most families do not do the train...and they were waiting at the opposite platform. It all worked out and she brought us to our hotel. We are staying at the Garden in downtown Guangzhou. She took us to register and told us because we were on the executive floor we had special benefits...We could have breakfast either on the 1st floor or the 30th...We had breakfast on the 30th because that was the 'special place' It was very fancy, not crowded and had a wonderful view. Our room is super's a a suite with several rooms and a a tv in almost every room even in the bathroom....talking about the Jeffersons...we have moved on up...we are talking Swanky! lol
Ready to go to Shamain Island to get her visa photo taken and her medical examination done.
 Daddy walking toward the Physical Examination area. Mekko one of our guides is to his left. Don't ya love his hot pink bag he is sporting? It's Jolie's bag, and several adoptive moms commented how much they liked the "Chinese font" we chose...(thanks monogrammer)
 Waiting to be poked and prodded! 
 ENT.....She loved the keyboard that was used to check for hearing. The nurse let her play the keyboard a I was saying she fits so well into our bunch. She did well with the nurse and waved bye bye. The nurse said such a good girl....She is!
 Weight and Length! She weights 30.1lbs and is 35 inches tall. Everyone says she is a big girl. Her 24 mos. clothes fit...she has some 18mo leggings that are almost too tight. We like carrying her in the baby carrier. So many people keep offering a stroller, the guide had one sent we might use it some, but I prefer the carrier for bonding.
She did well here. I signed some paperwork here. 

After the medical exam we had just a little bit of free time before meeting our group back at Lucy's at 1:15. We found Judy's and picked up a couple of souvenirs. Judy was very friendly and told us she was a Christian and to come back and see her. Then we went over to Lucy's which our guide told us served Sweet Tea! I had a coke was my first cold coke in over a week. Coca Cola should be served cold.
Cold coke, baby! We have fridges in our rooms, but in our past hotels it seemed to be more of a storage unit instead of a cooling one....
Karlie posing under the lanterns.
Shek and the pretty scenery!
We've seen the most wedding photo shots over the past few days. Some how I think they are just staged and not the real thing. We saw many many modeling photo shoots going on over at the island today. Karlie said that's what I want to do. The photographer would take one photo, then reach in a bag full of clothes and put something else on the model and snap away. It has been a pretty day to take photos!

 Everyone hangs their clothes out to dry. It's funny to see clothes hanging out to dry from high rise buildings. I do enjoy using my clothes line in the spring in summer...but I am glad mine is in the back yard. lol
 There's a lot of fun statues to have your photo made with. Karlie thought this one was a fun one.
Shek would be grabbing the camera! He is such a ham.
At Lucy's we only ordered a snack of fries and onion rings...we were still full from that fancy breakfast! lol
Jolie wen wen was grabbing for the fries across the table and when she got her a few she said, "Ahhhhh!" she also says that after drinking something that tastes really good!...Now, does that sound like a Berry or what?
She discovered Ketchup today! Seems like we offered it to her earlier in the week and she didn't like it, but today...she really enjoyed herself. 

We have so many more photos that I need to upload later. I update the blog during nap time. Currently, Karl is napping with Jolie, Karlie was napping with Jolie, but is now drawing, and Shek has decided to try out the big bathtub and watch tv at the same time! We were excited to find some English speaking tv channels and he is watching a re-run of this week's American Idol.

We are amazed at what a sweet little fun girl God has blessed us with. She is loving and sweet. Can't wait for you guys to meet her. Please keep praying for us without ceasing. Your prayers have really sustained us. We appreciate your prayers very much. God is I like to say HE is Something else! HE amazes me ALL the TIME!


  1. God is Amazing all the time!!!He truly is something else!! The area looks beautiful!! Love all the photos of everyone!! Seems like some of the people speak English. Yep, I see lots of Berry traits already--Onion rings and fries!!LOL Continuing to pray!! Can't wait for the homecoming. Love you all!! Mom and Pop

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!! She's precious!!! -- and no Diet Coke for a week??? What am I going to do?? Yikes!! Awaiting LOA - likely June travel. Have a wonderful rest of your journey. Beautiful family. Blessings.

  3. So touching! I like it that the whole family has gone on the trip! Cannot wait to see how God uses this to change all your lives! I know it has already but I believe he will even more! I hope you get to meet some Christian folks along the way! I know they have to be careful about it!

  4. Hey, When do you arrive in ATL? We'd love to meet you in the airport for a quick look-see! :)

    She is really adorable and I am so happy that bonding seems to be going so well. Yippee. God is surely amazing!

  5. They really said 30 lbs. Both the nurse and I said wow! She is very solid. Many people think she is older than she is. She feels every bit of that 30lbs when we tote


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