Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sight-seeing in Wuhan

Today our guide took us to a local museum and to a supermarket. There were lots of young people at the museum and they were all really 'taken' with us. I had heard about how they like to have their photos made with foreigners, but we had not been approached with this until today. Our guide said that the Chinese were very interested in us because we were foreigners because how we looked ..she said we have big noses, light skin and blue eyes...Karlie looked at me and said,"we have big noses?" Haha...I said probably in comparison to theirs! Christine said we were celebrities today in China. For a while we felt like "Justin Beiber" must feel...HA
Here's just one of the photos with the kids. There's several with the rest of us. The guide said that they thought we were pretty...LOL!

Here we are in front of the Wuhan, one of the top 10 museums in China.

Here we are in front of the bells. These were found in one of the Ming tombs and is close to today's standard C major scale.

This is a statue that you see before traveling over the East Lake Bridge. There was a flood back in 1998. Since then many precautions were made to the lake to keep it from flooding again. Since then no more floods. The photo shows men working with sandbags to build up the walls of the lake.
We drove over East Lake today. Our guide as well as the orphanage director were surprised to hear about the significance of this lake in our own lives She said what a coincidence. We know there are know coincidences. For those of you who know the significance of East Lake in our's just special that Jolie Wen Wen has lived near East Lake.
Karlie introduced her to the ipad.
Jolie playing...

Today we went to the supermarket and found some pullups and some formula. Please pray for us...we are super tired...we leave Wuhan on Friday after we receive her paperwork. Pray we all do well on the bullet train.


  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures. At least now you know the ladies at the other place thought you were pretty--I am like Karlie "big nose" They needed to see mine!! LOL Will pray for "sweet sleep" for all (remember King David's prayer!! and that spirit of refreshing on you all. Home time is getting closer!! Hurray!! one week after tomorrow!! Love you all Mom and Pop

  2. More and more affirmation from God! As we look we can see how beautiful this tapestry is woven together by our Creator as each and every detail is revealed. Praise God!! Prayers continue over every detail, every piece of paperwork and every moment of sleep. Praying God will give you all that you need daily. In Jesus name! Holly R.


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