Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some more photos of wuhan

There's lots of lights in Wuhan at night. We stopped along the way for a quick photo.
In the carrier and ready to walk. 

The year of the rabbit.
Fun with sis!

She likes to 'read' flipping the pages. When she first came to us under a zillion layers of clothes she was constantly scratching her tummy and arms. When we finally got her ready for a bath, I notice little scratch scab marks. I was alarmed at first, but since we have been bathing her and putting on johnsons lavendar baby lotion (which she loves)...the tiny scabs have gone and she's stopped scratching. I think she likes being in her  new clothes. She takes off her socks as soon as we get back to the hotel...and this morning I noticed she has pulled off her pj pants during the much for those layers. She is still doing very well with continuing to potty even with pullups on. I am getting better at whistling I can even whistle a's out of tune and not the mayberry theme song by any means...but my whistle still helps to get the job done. lol I think she likes having her fanny covered...I know I like having her fanny 

We are going to go to breakfast in a few, and then some more sight seeing. Tomorrow we leave here and travel to our last stop...where we'll stay 6 days.


  1. As a speech therapist, I am dying to know what her first English word will be.. and i am dying to teach her that word too... rooting for "mama"!!

  2. Love all these pictures too!! Hope all sleep well last night and got some rest for the next stop! Love Mom and Pop

  3. Love seeing pictures. So glad to see how much she loves y'all. Isn't the Lord so gracious to allow an easy transition...... praying it will continue to be this way for y'all & Jolie!

  4. Shannon and the EaglesMarch 2, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us! It so wonderful to see your family coming together. Enjoy sight seeing today and I am looking forward to seeing more pics tomorrow!

  5. I am so excited for each of you! My heart melts each time I come here. I feel like I'm reliving our days of each of our adoptions, but to see her smiling and playing and to know she will grow up knowing the love of Jesus Christ just melts my heart! Enjoy your last few days there. Praying for you all and for safe travels home.

  6. Thanks y'all for all the sweet comments. When we left the civil affairs office on gotcha day...she was saying momma...I don't know...she said "hey" to Gam today when we were skyped her...and she waved to her.


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