Wednesday, May 29, 2013

For my favorite

Happy Birthday to my favorite guy on earth! Hope this is the best birthday yet! I Love you!

Karl requested a lemon pound cake for his birthday along with peas, cornbread, salad and grilled chicken.  All the family came over for supper except for Zach, who is at college for summer school and beyond.

I couldn't help but post this photo. The look on Karlie's face is so hilarious. I didn't realize that she wanted to help blow out the candles too. Jolie told her she could help her blow out her's on Saturday. We all laughed.
We cut the cake with the cake knife that belonged to Karl's Grandmama. We all called her great-mama as soon as the great-grandkids arrived. This knife has cut many pound cakes over the years. It was nice to have a little reminder of the Berrys with us today on Karl's bday especially.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

I wanna be, be, be like Jesus.

The year end choir program was last night. Jolie knew all the words to the preschool music and I think the whole family did too, because she made us listen to her "songs 'bout Jesus" everytime we turned on the car radio.
She was so excited to wear her red star shirt and sing about Jesus.
This year's program had a Missionary theme to it. AND talked about people around the world that are persecuted for their beliefs...Christians in China were mentioned. Me and the hubster were a little teary over that one.
Last night, after we were home, and we pondered over our little Chinese-American blessing. Karl said, "What if we had not said yes?"
I told him I was so glad he said yes.
Got Love? Adopt.
That's what I am saying! 
It's sweet to hear little preschoolers sing I wanna be be be like Jesus.
Then it was Shek's turn. The older kiddos got to sing. 
and play drums. I was impressed especially with my kid, the one on the far right.
Music with a good beat...that's my favorite.
Keep it going now.

It's May, and everything is happening.When the kids do their little spring church know that summer is around the corner. AND personally, I can't wait.

Berrys in the Berry Patch

I love to take the kids to the Berry Patch to pick berries.
 It really doesn't take very long to get a bucket full.
 The berries are so big and bright red. 
 Two Berrys quickly posed in the berry patch.
 I love strawberries..

Now everyone is requesting shortcake.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring in Nashville

Back in the early spring we took a quick weekend trip to Nashville to visit with Zach. Here's a few photos I found on my camera. I also took lots of iphone pics toos that I instagrammed at the time.
 On a very tall bridge on the Natchez's was beautiful scenery but a little creepy feeling for those who are scared of heights.
 Notice the death grip.
 View from the bridge
 It's fun to run
 and jump
 and pick flowers.
 We loved the neighborhood in Brentwood that had a steam that must be forded.
 Downtown Nashville is fun by the river
 Posing on the pedestrian walking bridge
is fun...


Pure Fashion finished off the year in April with a Spring Fashion show in the rain. THank heavens for tents. It was still fun and a great turn out in spite of the rain rain rain. There are a lot more photos, but I will have to find them from other sources. Here's a few from that day.