Monday, May 18, 2015

Class of 2015

Some how  we managed to space out our kids in such a way that there is a high school graduation happening every 5 years, except for number 4 and she will wait seven years after the 3rd born graduates. We will have graduates in the Class of 2010, 2015, 2020, and 2027. Homeschooling till Jesus comes....

This year is Karlie's turn.....Earlier this month our church, PCC honored the seniors.

 Class of 2015 at Passion City Church is Sweet.

 Louie gives a charge to the students.
School was almost over...a few more days of school, exams, and party or two, and graduation practice...

Karlie designed her Graduation invitations with a trifold graduation card with all of her senior portraits displayed on the front and back. 

Karlie with her friend Victoria with Karlie's last high school year book.
Karlie poses with her senior sign on the way to graduation...

 Practice for graduation, at least one parent had to attend. Karl took the day off so that we would both know what we had to do. At a hybrid school graduation, the parents hand the diploma to their student, which means a step on the stage in front of God and everyone....while everyone listen to your prerecorded parent/child blessing.  Since we are "B"'s we were first...sometimes its awesome to be at the front of the alphabet. We had ring side seats, right at the 50  yard line, behind home big hair to look around or tall was awesome. The folks behind me though, may or may not have had big hair to look around. 
 Each Senior is giving a half table to display a few of their favorites, passions, etc. Karlie's display included her Pure Fashion Award, her superaltive form her sophomore year as Most Fashionable, and photos of friends, siblings etc...
 Senior parking! Don't think they really meant Senior in High School, but it makes for a cute photo. Karlie found a cute monogram idea on pinterest, and we contacted my friends, Sheila and Joe, to make the monogram with their machine. We kept it a secret in case it was a no no....but it seemed to be a hit. and a couple others joined the creativity and designed their caps by graduation night.
 A big smile at rehearsal, she's been ready for graduation since kindergarten I think. 
Rehearsal was great....
Now on for the Real Thing...

 Karlie and her friends....
posing behind her grad table
pomp and circumstance
The Program
The Graduates

Her page, and her parent blessing brought a tear to our eyes.

Woo HOO!!!!

Karlie and great grand Honey...
 Karlie with Gam and Pop

Karlie with her Bro.
Karlie with her sis

Karlie and her younger's sideways...just cock your head to see

Monday, March 30, 2015

Stop! Wait a minute....time flies whether you're busy or not.

Years ago, I named my blog Berry bliz because it was a nice play on words as to how life at the berry house is blissful. I thought spelling it with a z was more hip and happening and maybe I just wanted to rebel against my normally grammar nazi-self, well sometimes I am a grammar nazi sometimes I write in runons, use the wrong tense and all that, like I am doing now. Life is still bliss at the Berrys, but it 's busy, extremely busy. Maybe I should have named the blog berrybusy.

I have been so busy in fact, that I have not made the time to blog, but every now and then, one must just STOP, wait a minute and update the blog.

Why have I been busy you ask? Here's some of the reasons: two of the four kids attend a hybrid school with lots of assignments, one of them is a senior. My senior can see the light at the end of the tunnel as we jump through the remainder of the required hoops until that tassel is turned. The thirteen year old also plays tennis with lots of practices and games, and  then there is the five year old in kindergarten who is being homeschooled by me. She is learning to read, and she asked questions from the time she wakes until she falls asleep; we are very involved in our church and then there's always a never ending pile of laundry, lunches, and you get the picture.... etc etc etc...

 I thought, I must interrupt my busyness and share some photos from Karlie's senior prom.
Karlie and her friends 

 The famous charlie's angel pose
Just a few of the prom goers..

Now that I've updated the blog with a few snapshots it's time to carry on. Time flies whether you're busy or not. Make the most of it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

新年好 (Xīnnián hǎo)~New Year Goodness

Today is Chinese New Year ~the year of the Goat. We plan on celebrating a little later... this weekend. I know someone who would like some noodles and maybe a red envelope with gold chocolate coins....
 Her Chinese silks were bought in her hometown of Wuhan...I bought them large so that she could have several years wear. At first these fit like a dress, and now they fit like a shirt with leggings
Spend Every Day  of your new yearwith some laughter....the throw back your head and laugh kind of laughter.

Jolie from a past Chinese New Year Celebration.

新年好 (Xīnnián hǎo)~New Year Goodness

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Traveling the city like tourists...

Today after church we decided to travel the city like tourists and to take lots of photos. Where's my sandals and tube socks? Wait it's winter and it was raining so my hubby drove  slow through the city streets as we all looked up at the tall buildings and  snapped photos from the comfort of the car.

We rode through the streets of Atlanta.  We laughed and carried on as I rolled my window down to snap photos at red lights. Sometimes Karl just paused slowly in the  middle of  the street if no one was behind us and I snapped photos with my phone as fast as I could.

The kids laughed as the rain and wind flew in my open window and back to their seats. We know that everyone near us thought we were tourists with me and my iphone hanging out the window. But if they read our tag and saw that we were locals, they might have assumed that we just didn't get out much. Truth is we see these streets all the time, and take for granted the sights we see.

But today I needed some photos...I've been taking an online smartphone photography class from one of my favorite photographers. Lizzyrose photography . Today started the month long daily photo challenge...I needed some photos and more specifically I needed a photo that screamed winter.

And this is what I got....

Winter In Atlanta~thank goodness it's just rainy and not the  snowmageddon of last winter...

This was taken with my iphone through the windshield because I liked seeing the raindrops. I edited it on my phone with the mextures app. and took the photo with camera+..... I have lots more photos of the city on my phone to play with and can't wait to see what  I actually have from our few minutes of traveling the city like tourists.