Thursday, February 19, 2015

新年好 (Xīnnián hǎo)~New Year Goodness

Today is Chinese New Year ~the year of the Goat. We plan on celebrating a little later... this weekend. I know someone who would like some noodles and maybe a red envelope with gold chocolate coins....
 Her Chinese silks were bought in her hometown of Wuhan...I bought them large so that she could have several years wear. At first these fit like a dress, and now they fit like a shirt with leggings
Spend Every Day  of your new yearwith some laughter....the throw back your head and laugh kind of laughter.

Jolie from a past Chinese New Year Celebration.

新年好 (Xīnnián hǎo)~New Year Goodness

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Traveling the city like tourists...

Today after church we decided to travel the city like tourists and to take lots of photos. Where's my sandals and tube socks? Wait it's winter and it was raining so my hubby drove  slow through the city streets as we all looked up at the tall buildings and  snapped photos from the comfort of the car.

We rode through the streets of Atlanta.  We laughed and carried on as I rolled my window down to snap photos at red lights. Sometimes Karl just paused slowly in the  middle of  the street if no one was behind us and I snapped photos with my phone as fast as I could.

The kids laughed as the rain and wind flew in my open window and back to their seats. We know that everyone near us thought we were tourists with me and my iphone hanging out the window. But if they read our tag and saw that we were locals, they might have assumed that we just didn't get out much. Truth is we see these streets all the time, and take for granted the sights we see.

But today I needed some photos...I've been taking an online smartphone photography class from one of my favorite photographers. Lizzyrose photography . Today started the month long daily photo challenge...I needed some photos and more specifically I needed a photo that screamed winter.

And this is what I got....

Winter In Atlanta~thank goodness it's just rainy and not the  snowmageddon of last winter...

This was taken with my iphone through the windshield because I liked seeing the raindrops. I edited it on my phone with the mextures app. and took the photo with camera+..... I have lots more photos of the city on my phone to play with and can't wait to see what  I actually have from our few minutes of traveling the city like tourists.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 is winding down

The holidays are winding down, school starts back next week, and we are yet to finish some assignments that were sent home. Shek's flu actually threw a wrench on getting school work done prior to Christmas. I am so glad no one else caught that flu bug from him, because he was MiSeRaBlE....for sure, so we will be scrambling to finish up a few assignments before class starts back on Tuesday.

Usually, the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and the panic to get everyone 'enough' gifts can suck the joy right out of the true meaning of Christmas for me. The holiday, that brought the most delight to me as a child has not always brought the same delight to me as an adult. I love the celebration of Jesus' birthday of course, but the pressure that comes with it as an adult is not so fun, But this Christmas/ Advent season, determined to focus on Jesus, I read the  Advent book that our pastor, Louie Giglio wrote as well as the advent books by Ann Voskamp.

 We did the Jesse Tree and advent candle wreath that  goes along with Ann Voskamp's books for the advent season. Gam and Pop made the ornaments, tree, and wreath  that go with the devotional book. The ornaments were beautiful, and this will now be my favorite part of Christmas, I look forward to doing it again and again. I enjoyed reading the daily devotion, and having someone place the ornament for that day on the tree.

 I documented the  ornaments on instagram and it was fun and something we anticipated doing each day.
This is a photo of the Jesse tree complete with all the ornaments and topped with the star on Christmas day. Gam and Pop, the designers of the tree are pictured here with their grands.

Christmas Eve is always a busy day for our family, we always go to Christmas Eve services, followed by a birthday party for Jesus. This year, we headed to our church in the morning for Christmas eve services and then headed down to Zach's church for services at 4 pm.  I served with several of the ladies pictured above at our church, this photo was taken at our last Grove of 2014 rather than on Christmas Eve. I love serving at my church, and I treasure the new friendships with the ladies I serve with.
After Christmas Eve services at Zach's church, Honey posed with all her Great-grands. She was delighted that she could hear every word the pastor said, and all the songs. Usually in church services she has difficulty hearing anything, so she was delighted not to miss a word.

We came home for Christmas Eve celebrations at our home, the kids opened their traditional Pjs, but did not really want to pose for a photo...oh well....

Now we get ready for 2015....may the prayer of Jabez continue to be our prayer for 2015,"Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm[a] so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked. 1 Chroniciles 4:10

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spreading Christmas tacky Christmas sweater at a time...

Guess what? 
See the joy on those faces, especially on that momma's face? What can it mean? It means today is the last day of school until January. That means homework needs to be finished up today or tomorrow so we can enjoy the holidays.
Today was Christmas tacky sweater day in Karlie's class. If they were passing out awards for it, surely she would win a prize....
She is wearing the stocking sweater vest that I used to wear back before the rest of the world claimed all these sweaters were tacky. So I saved a few of my Christmas frocks for days like today. She is also wearing my Christmas candy ribbon earrings, a snowman pin, my nativity necklace and a santa hat...she is also wearing red moccasins that totally complete the look.
to think I used to leave the house like this on a regular basis not meaning to be tacky but instead festive just a few Decembers ago...