Wednesday, February 28, 2018

It has been seven years

It's hard to believe that it has been seven years today, that our youngest was placed in our arms. We have all been changed for the better through adoption. I can't believe it's been seven years, time really flies.

This was us, eight years ago. Jolie had cried out all her tears at the point the photo was made. As you can see her back was to me and she decided Karl was A-Ok.

And by the next day, she had decided I was ok. We bonded over chocolate, chicken nuggets, toys and clothes!
Our family in 2011...
Our family now....this was taken at our domestication. We kept putting off this step, but finally completed it recently.
our first glance at Jolie was this photo....

This is Jolie now. What an awesome blessing she is to us.  Read more about our journey here.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Back to school

Today was our official day for back to school. Actually, we have been schooling for the past two weeks. Shek received his assignments at orientation two weeks ago so he has already been back to the grind. Since he was back at it, I started Jolie as well.

 He was headed to Konos this morning when I made him pose for this photo. He will attend Konos classes for instruction one day a week. We will follow up for the remainder of the week with a get r done work ethic before next  Wednesday.
 Jolie wanted her first day of 2nd grade photo taken in front of the horses that live next door. The horses are not ours but Jolie likes to have them in her photos.

This year we are trying to hit the park in the mornings for a 3 -5 mile walk or jog, I am out of O2Gold   which makes running easier so until I get my order of it in, the jogging will have to wait. . We plan to go at least 3 times a week maybe 4. It's important to get out in the fresh air and exercise.

 Shek may also start practicing tennis with his dad in the early morning hours too, so that the evenings can be devoted to math.
 Jolie is loving her new cursive handwriting book, and enjoying a unit study on the American girls. Right now, we are reading Kaya. She is also reading Rod and Staff Bible readers.  We are also studying the Prayer of Jabez for Children. She really wants to play the piano and/or violin, but her oldest brother needs to help her with that. lol On Thursdays, she goes to Gam's for art lessons and projects and I volunteer/doorhold at church, and sometimes I take one of the older kids with me. I think it's important to instill a love for serving, especially at church. We look forward to a fun-filled school year chock full of learning, growing and serving.

Friday, August 26, 2016

School in Session...well almost

IT's almost time for school to start. We start after labor day. Shek will attend Konos Academy one day a week. We will tackle his math and science at home. Jolie longs to go to Konos too, but she's not old enough. I can't take the kids to two co-op/hybrids so I will do ALL of her school here at home.

I've dusted off all my old Hands of a Child lapbook/unit studies as well as the Konos Curriculum and I have a plan for the whole year. This year we will be doing the American Girls unit study from Hands of a child, we will do a unit on bees, kings and queens, light from Konos as well as a Christmas and Thanksgiving unit study, I'll end the year with a Ocean Unit study, Blueberry sal and probably Bees with a trip to Strawberry patch which also has a bee hive.

We will also use rod and staff Math and Bible Readers.
Looking forward to getting started....after Labor Day

teacher treasures

This past week, I tackled a closet that I have been ignoring for  a while. It was the hall closet and had seemed to become a catch all for everything. I kept the door closed, what is out of sight was out of mind, well sort of ....I knew it was there and needed to quit dreading it and just clean it out. The thing about cleaning out something means there's probably going to be a larger mess before we get to the clean and orderly. AND so it was, it's hard to believe that such a small closet could hold that much stuff. 
I found a lot of junk that needed to go away, but I found an odd little treasure as well. In the bottom of the closet under some boxes and stuff I found  a file folder. I thought that it was something I had used when I sold Southern Living at Home, but I opened it and realized it was my file folder that I used the last year I taught High School Literature. I opened it, to see students' names for each of the files. My oldest, Zach, was one of those students that year. In each folder there was one lone assigment that had not been picked up by the students. It was dated January of '09, so why I still had it was amazing to me. The assignment was called Perfect mate. IT was as assignment given to the students when we were studying Romeo and Juliet. On one side the students described physical and personality traits that they desired in a future mate, They also had a space provided to guess what qualities they thought their parents would desire for them. On the back side, of the page, the parents were asked to do the same. 
This was the last year that I taught high school Literature, so still having these was a treat to find. Many of the students have already found their mate, or they are engaged, and some have children. It was neat to see what they wrote and what their parents wrote all those years ago.
When I read Zach's, I still have the same desires in a mate for him, and he still agrees with what he wrote on his paper back when he was in the 11th grade. 
One of my students said she desired to marry a cowboy, with a job and a truck. I am friends with this former student on facebook, and from what I can tell...she did marry someone with those qualifications. Reading all the qualifications from students and parents alike was so thrilling all these years later.
I am glad that I cleaned out the closet, not only did I clear out some trash, make a garage sale pile, organize my closet, but I was rewarded with this little treasure from my former students. I had the best students of all time back then.