Friday, June 28, 2013

Surgery on the horizon??

Yesterday, Jolie had to have her big speech eval at CHOA. Her regular speech teacher suggested that since she is having more nasal grimacing for certain speech sounds. She also has good pressure if she hold hers nose for some sounds. She thought we should get it checked out for sure. So we did.

She did awesome at the appointment. Even when she had to have an X-ray. I smiled at her through the window and she was perfectly still, although I could see the fear in her eyes, she still did great.

She retrieved her green bracelet out of the prize drawer and skipped out the door singing "I love Dr. Riski." She has come such a LOooooooooooooooooNG way with her trust of doctors. She used to scream through out a doctor's appointment, but finally they have all gained her trust and she's happy to go. Praise the Lord. She had her eye on some "Rapunzel hair" at the store, and had been begging for it since she discovered it's existence. I told her since she did so wonderfully at the doctor that we would get that for her on the way home.

A happy girl with her Rapunzel hair.

Modeling that Rapunzel hair.

 Looks like we will be going back for an endoscopy in about 2 weeks. The Doc wanted to have all his "homework" done before deciding on an additional surgery to pull tissue in the soft palate area so that it will make speech more natural for her. My speech therapist says that children that have to have this procedure are usually making the correct speech sounds within 3 weeks of this surgery.

Our next appointment is at DARK thirty before 8am. I opted for the early one, because I know I can beat that crazy rush hour traffic, and then it'll be over when we go back home. SO it's worth it to just get up with the chickens,cow, or whoever is up at that time.

It looks like another possible surgery is on the horizon for Jolie. Prayers appreciated.

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*Photos by did I ever document our lives before iphone camera and instagram? 

the long road

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gettin' out o' dodge....

When I pass by the airport, and we live somewhat near it, I always see the planes flying overhead, and I think I want to go somewhere. I think I have that sense of adventure, wanderlust, journey proud feeling especially this time of year.

I recently heard that because many of our ancestors traveled to America from the old country that they too had that sense of adventure, wanderlust...etc...and it's just passed down through the generations. 

Sometimes you just have to get out of dodge, as the ole saying goes. Today was our day to do just that. We decided on our way to church that we would just head up to the mountains and visit the apple store. So after Sunday School, we slipped out and headed to Merceirs. This is not apple season, but they always have something in season that is fresh and wonderful and the bakery always smells delightful.

I snapped this photo outside of Merceirs. The pond, the's all so peaceful.
Karlie snapped our photo too, at the walking bridge. Would you look at that, color coordinated, not even planned.
The view here is very picturesque.
 Johnny Appleseed? We were not disappointed, we purchased fresh Georgia peaches, Georgia Honey, some sweet white corn, popcorn and some strawberry bread from the bakery.
We drove by Lake Blue Ridge, and wished we had brought the boat. I think the kiddos have been having boat withdrawals. It's time to get it out and go I am thinking.
We rode over to where they are working on the dam. Lots of people fish on that side. 
We sat on the steps, and before long we all had to stick our feet in the water. 
The water was
Ice. Cold. Brrrrr.
Someone really enjoyed splashing in the water. 
We wanted to stop by and get froyo on the way home, but our GPS delivered us at a place that was closed. So, we kept driving and decided to stop at our favorite BBQ place in the mtns. Jolie liked riding the pig.

It was a fun day to just get out of dodge. I can't wait till our next adventure.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Can I get a Whoop whoop??

We took our time with the Driver's License thing. Karlie has had her permit for over a year, in fact it was about to expire next month. We made the appointment for the driver's road test. Practiced that crazy parallel parking. I've been driving for XX years and I avoid the parallel parking at all costs, and so do most people I know, but  parallel parking along with algebra and higher math is one of the necessary evils that we earthlings must deal with. So we practiced it over and over.

 Karlie had two Sparks and Oasis prior to the test. She wanted that extra mental focus and her nerves calm all at the same time. AND good news she PASSED. I felt like we spent the entire afternoon at the DDS...but overall it was a nice process with very helpful and friendly workers.. Karlie especially liked her examiner, she was easy going, nice and friendly.

  Driving tests can be nerve racking for the student driver as well as the mom.WE praise the Lord for His favor and thank everyone for the prayers.  The family celebrated with an dinner out~~ her choice. She chose olive garden. Excitement is an understatement that this rite of passage is over, DONE, complete! Can I get a whoop whoop??

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Monday, June 17, 2013

a Happy day

Sunday was Father's Day and our anniversary, so there was lots to celebrate. We celebrated the dads with lunch after church. Gam and Pop cooked it. Then we took some Father's day photos.
Here's Karl with his kids,  and Pop with one of his kids and some of his grands.
I thought it would be cute for Karl to pose with each of his kiddos. Here he is with his first born, Zach.
Karl and Karlie
A photo with Shekster
 Once she put on her lipstick she was ready for her photo to be taken with Dad.
 Regan's Father's Day Message today was love on em all the time even if you have to put them in a headlock. Here's a head lock pose.
 Daddy's girls.
And not only was today Father's was also Our 23rd Anniversary.
So let me continue to blow up social media with all of our happy celebrations.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy happy Happy!

On Father's Day Weekend, 1990, Karl and I were married.

On June 16th, 1990 at quarter past 2 o clock in the afternoon, (because a quarter past sounded fancier on the wedding invitation that just 2 o clock)...ah the mind of a youngggg bride. But it did look quite regal on that invitation...and I did love my puffed sleeves. The brides of today, just don't know what they're missing by not having puffed sleeves. I bet these sleeves come back in style soon. ;)

A lot has happened in those 23 years...
we left our home state and moved away.
Karl has changed jobs maybe 6 times...I've lost count. 
We resided at 4 different addresses.
We have birthed 3 kids,
we have miscarried two
we have adopted one...
we have buried several beloved family members. 
We have flown to China
We have been active members of 3 different churches.
We have witnessed 3 out of 4 kids accept Jesus as Lord and girl sings about Jesus all the time.  Can't wait to see her make this most important decision.
We have successfully graduated one child from high school and he's made it out of the teen age years.
We have homeschooled and are homeschooling 4 kids.
We have been to speech, numerous music lessons, dance lessons, sports practices, games, concerts, programs, vbs, camps, mission trips, choir tours, church, exercise, mixers, vacations, lakes, boat rides...
We've done a lot in the past 23 years as a family, I look forward to each day.
I am so glad that God blessed me with Karl. He is a wonderful husband and Daddy.

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Karl!
I love you.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Baseball Season

The Baseball Season was officially over this past Saturday. The Mets played a double header, losing the first one, and winning the second. The team celebration was Tuesday night. They received medals for their participation, a signed ball from everyone on the team, and a frame of each team member in action. It was a great season. Shek is pictured here with Coach Elliott.
Shek really wishes baseball season was not over and wants me to find him somewhere else to play and like right now, no, he wanted that figured out yesterday. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jolie turns 4

I can't believe that  Jolie has just turned 4. It was just the other day that we met her and I had her strapped on me as a baby/toddler less than 2 years old. Her first birthday with us, she didn't totally understand the concept, but SHE HAS figured it out. Baby girl loves birthdays, especially hers.

 Jolie had a Cinderella Birthday Party again this year.
She requested a crown, and one of Gam's friends sent her the purple one. Purple is her favorite color, and Gam made her this awesome Cinderella dress card. Jolie received lots of gifts to open. We wrapped every single thing. More to open that way. She  loved her new summer clothes, princess toys, mermaid, books and money.
Happy Birthday, Baby girl.
I have more photos of the birthday, but I think I have deleted them accidently, sigh. I am hoping my hubby can retrieve them.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a finished project

This year my kids went to Konos Academy and Konos Kids. They attend once a week and we have the other days of the week to complete the homework assigned for the week, study etc. One of the projects this year for the High Schoolers was to write a novel.
Karlie decided to write about the adoption of Jolie, since that's been the biggest adventure of our family ever.
This project lasted all school year. Some days, both of us were ready to throw the whole project in the nearest river. Revision, revision revision, paper, paper, paper, ink, ink, ink, not to mention remembering the details of the story and making it interesting. She had to learn how to make her story come to life rather than just be telling the story. Reading, and re-reading the steps in the her teacher's book The Novel Way, helped.

In the end, I really think she has a book to be proud of, one that can be a keepsake for our family remembering the details that led to adoption all the way to the actual journey to China, to the blossoming of our youngest into the sweet little Jesus loving Princess that she is.
Last week was the unveiling of all the students' works. Karlie breathes a sigh of relief and accomplishment, but I reminded her don't relax too much, because in about 3 months you start the whole process over for next year's novel project. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer is FINALLY here

 Summer is finally here. I am thrilled to say the least. School has been fun, but exhausting. It is time for a break. However,we are still going over math and science and tying up loose ends.
Today we did something fun and packed our lunch for a picnic and hit one of the parks nearby.
The playground was really nice. This swinging bridge was a little scary to Jolie, but she made it with a little help. I am so far behind on blogging. I hope to catch up this week. I have photos of Karlie's novel, from her school project, Karl's birthday, Jolie's birthday and Shek's year end baseball celebration, Zach's new apartment and new to him car.
That's enough family events to keep me busy for a while...stay tuned.