Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy happy Happy!

On Father's Day Weekend, 1990, Karl and I were married.

On June 16th, 1990 at quarter past 2 o clock in the afternoon, (because a quarter past sounded fancier on the wedding invitation that just 2 o clock)...ah the mind of a youngggg bride. But it did look quite regal on that invitation...and I did love my puffed sleeves. The brides of today, just don't know what they're missing by not having puffed sleeves. I bet these sleeves come back in style soon. ;)

A lot has happened in those 23 years...
we left our home state and moved away.
Karl has changed jobs maybe 6 times...I've lost count. 
We resided at 4 different addresses.
We have birthed 3 kids,
we have miscarried two
we have adopted one...
we have buried several beloved family members. 
We have flown to China
We have been active members of 3 different churches.
We have witnessed 3 out of 4 kids accept Jesus as Lord and girl sings about Jesus all the time.  Can't wait to see her make this most important decision.
We have successfully graduated one child from high school and he's made it out of the teen age years.
We have homeschooled and are homeschooling 4 kids.
We have been to speech, numerous music lessons, dance lessons, sports practices, games, concerts, programs, vbs, camps, mission trips, choir tours, church, exercise, mixers, vacations, lakes, boat rides...
We've done a lot in the past 23 years as a family, I look forward to each day.
I am so glad that God blessed me with Karl. He is a wonderful husband and Daddy.

Happy 23rd Anniversary, Karl!
I love you.

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