Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a finished project

This year my kids went to Konos Academy and Konos Kids. They attend once a week and we have the other days of the week to complete the homework assigned for the week, study etc. One of the projects this year for the High Schoolers was to write a novel.
Karlie decided to write about the adoption of Jolie, since that's been the biggest adventure of our family ever.
This project lasted all school year. Some days, both of us were ready to throw the whole project in the nearest river. Revision, revision revision, paper, paper, paper, ink, ink, ink, not to mention remembering the details of the story and making it interesting. She had to learn how to make her story come to life rather than just be telling the story. Reading, and re-reading the steps in the her teacher's book The Novel Way, helped.

In the end, I really think she has a book to be proud of, one that can be a keepsake for our family remembering the details that led to adoption all the way to the actual journey to China, to the blossoming of our youngest into the sweet little Jesus loving Princess that she is.
Last week was the unveiling of all the students' works. Karlie breathes a sigh of relief and accomplishment, but I reminded her don't relax too much, because in about 3 months you start the whole process over for next year's novel project. 

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