Monday, June 17, 2013

a Happy day

Sunday was Father's Day and our anniversary, so there was lots to celebrate. We celebrated the dads with lunch after church. Gam and Pop cooked it. Then we took some Father's day photos.
Here's Karl with his kids,  and Pop with one of his kids and some of his grands.
I thought it would be cute for Karl to pose with each of his kiddos. Here he is with his first born, Zach.
Karl and Karlie
A photo with Shekster
 Once she put on her lipstick she was ready for her photo to be taken with Dad.
 Regan's Father's Day Message today was love on em all the time even if you have to put them in a headlock. Here's a head lock pose.
 Daddy's girls.
And not only was today Father's was also Our 23rd Anniversary.
So let me continue to blow up social media with all of our happy celebrations.


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