Wednesday, August 14, 2013

back to school

Back to school...can't believe the summer vacation is rapidly coming to an end for us. Already Karlie is thinking about back to school clothes. She found a cute outfit with the western we took some photos...
She paired a western shirt with leggings, boots and a hot pink book bag.
Got to love a little denim and lace
 Are you ready to get back to school?
 Don't sass your teachers...
Back to's coming soon...
Hey! This homeschooling momma will be overseeing all the homework the kids are doing from Konos, so Can I get a back to school outfit too?

the long road

Success School Highlights

We just returned from Success School on Sunday...I thought I would share some highlights of the trip.
Here we are at Billy Bobs for a party for leadership...completely family friendly...
Advo-friends ready to go
Some teammates ready to go in Dallas Cowboy Stadium
The stadium was exciting to experience

We were all excited to find our team leaders in the new Impact Magazine.

Sunday worship with Michael W Smith
The bagpipes were awesome.

Success School was awesome...can't wait to go back.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fun with Friends

Today was another fun day. I met with my friends for lunch for a Speedway Children's Charity event. We were honored to hear Georgia's First Lady, Sandra Deal, speak about children's literacy.   It was fun to spend some time with a few of my sweet friends.  I would not have these friends in my life had it not been for Advocare that has brought us together.

This week is just getting started...and there's even more fun on the horizon...stay tuned. AND of course it's not a blog post without one of my iphone pics.

Sing it!

Yesterday we headed to Nashville to see Zach perform his junior recital. As always I took lots of photos, and Shek was in charge of the video. It was a fun but long day. We made the trip to Nashville and back all in one day. Whew...that was a fast trip.
Jolie was excited to get her Zach back.
After lunch we all headed to Belmont and waited while Zach had a sound check.
 We always have fun...even when we are waiting around.
 Gam and Pop with 3 out of 4 grands...I think Jolie was looking at the flowers.
The landscape and fountains at Belmont are always so's a great place to take photos.
Now on to business: Sound Check!
Zach's recital program

Zach loves his Vocal Coach/mentor, Bruce Bennett. 

A video from the recital, Zach sings Gravity.

Zach, we are all so proud of you....keep on! 
To God be the Glory!
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