Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shoes(sunday snapshot)

I love shoes...always have. My favorites of late are flip-flops...I have casual flip-flops, dress causal flip flops and dressy flip-flops...if there really is such a thing as dressy flip-flops...LOL  I loved going to the shoe store "downtown" as a child where you sat in a seat and someone actually came and sized your foot and went to the back and brought you several shoes to try on. I loved the 'smell' of Burns shoe store in my had that new shoe smell all leathery and all.. I remember the option from the salesman "Would you like to wear these out or keep them in the box?" Of course I would wear my new ones out. Then I would stare at my feet and admire my new shoes for days...there's just something about new least for me anyway....I guess I like shoes so much because as the joke says, I still wear the same size(shoe size that is) as I did in high school.

I have passed my shoe fetish to my kids. They love shoes too....I don't know if they like them as much as me, but they're pretty close. When I was a youngster the "big deal" was to have a pair of yo-yo's a cute little sandle on a wooden platform heel with a hole in the heel...all my friends had a pair and naturally I had a pair too...actually I had 2 pair before it was all over with. Yo-yo's looked like this...I wish they still made them I would have another pair in a heart beat.

I found this photo on an ebay type site where someone is trying to sell a vintage pair. Aren't they lovely? I really dig that wooden heel with the little hole cut out...just too cute...but that was the late 70's the big deal is TOM'S...I have heard nothing, but please get me some TOM's, Mom! Even my 3rd grader wanted TOMS. So we ordered  TOMs with each pair purchased, another child somewhere else will receive a pair... so that's good news.
These gold glittery ones are Karlie's! She is in 8th grade but still has a tiny foot. She was thrilled when Tom's came out with childsize shoes. Now she can be hip and happening too. She takes 2 classes "out" each week and the rest we do at home. Anyway, these gold shoes look great with her black and gold "uniform" shirt she has to wear each week. 

Here's Zach's Toms ...this is his 2nd pair...he loves these shoes...says they are so comfortable...not to mention they are hip and happening.

 My little bit has a pair too, his came in the mail on Monday.There's no photo of his blue corduroy tom's cause he went to a friend's house after church.  He put his Tom's sticker that came in his box on the back of his go-kart and when he is done wearing his shoes he puts them back in the little canvas toms bag that came with his shoes...don't know how long he will keep that least till the new wears off. 

Tom's, gotta love um...but I sure miss my YoYo's.
Ni Hao Y'all


  1. I miss the special shoe store where you sat in the special seat & got fitted for new shoes...thanks for the memories!

  2. I still clearly remember shoe shopping for back to school... LOVED it! Not quite that way anymore is it?
    Thankfully my kids are pretty happy with whatever shoes I get them, as long as they are new :)
    Happy Sunday!

  3. Cute shoes. I guess I'm out of the loop, though. I've not heard of TOMS.

  4. Love the shoes ... what a fun idea!

    Delighted to meet you! Hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to get drenched in some serious goodness.


  5. I learned of TOMS shoes this summer when my oldest daughter bought a pair. And oh how I remember Yo-Yos!! I had totally forgotten about them until reading your post!

  6. One can never have too many shoes! Those Toms look pretty comfortable!

  7. I had never heard of Toms...just googled it though to see them! I'm so not cool. :)
    (clicked over from nihaoyall) -- come check it out!

  8. Oh, we love Toms at our household, too!!!

    So glad they come in children's sizes!!!

    I absolutely love I really did enjoy your post!!! :)


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