Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a day in the life of our homeschool

This  year starts our 6th year homeschooling. Our first homeschool experiment graduated this past May and is loving college. If you would  have told me years ago that I would be a home educator; I would have laughed out loud and said NO WAY...but God opened this door a while back and it has been a blessing...some days I want CALGON, but it is worth it everyday. I have enjoyed the closeness of having my kids at home and I like being in control of their curriculum. My husband and I feel that Christian education is very important to our family. 
Shek is working on a lapbook about oceans  for Science. Here he is doing some copywork for one of the activities in his lapbook.

What do you do with an avid Nascar Fan? You incorporate a Nascar lapbook as part of their learning...this lapbook had lots of reading, history and even some math and much more. Above is a photo of the completed nascar lapbook that Shek begged to do as part of his schoolwork. We graphed which kind of car has won the most races...it's cheverolet if you are wondering. We also learned a lot about the racers' special outfits(did you know they have special underwear as part of their uniform?) Also, we learned about the special flags and the racer lingo...and so much more...We purchased this lapbook as well as our many other lapbooks from here.

Here is Shek with his lapbook

Karlie takes history and science "out" at NCCA. Here she is doing her Science homework. She takes the rest of her courses at home.

As a homeschool mom I eat lunch with my kiddos everyday. No special appointments with the school to eat with my kid, we just go to the kitchen and whip up something to eat...or if we have raided our piggy banks and the laundry room  for our loose change....we might go out to eat! Lately, Shek runs when I whip out the camera until I said, I can't feature you on my blog until you let me have some pictures...so I got several today...

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  1. I am the newest following of your blog :) Love finding other mom bloggers on here that are still smaller bloggers like me.

    I so envy you for being able to homeschool. It's something I'd like to do but feel unable to do. I run my own business from my home and it is a miracle if I manage to eat. My little one Caleb just started Kindergarten. Despite my insecurities of public schooling he is in love with school so far. It's so fun watching them grow and learn!


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