Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Going down Memory Lane

Ni Hao Y'all
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This week, I have spent some time going through old photos with my grandmother. She lives in the basement apartment downstairs and she has many many photo albums all in chronological order. Many of her photos were taken with one of those instant cameras and the photos have amazingly kept well over the years. The two of us had fun looking and remembering the old days.Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents...I even wrote about and shared lots of photos of my granddad, Lovey, earlier this week on my blog.
Here's a few photos that Honey and I reminisced over this week.
Here's my momma and me...I love her glasses! I used to wear them during spirit week back in high school!
                                         Here I am with Honey and Lovey...the greatest grandparents around. Don't you love their special "grandparent" names?
Here I am talking on Honey's rotary dial phone. I was probably talking to my momma while she was at work as a bank teller.
Here I am with my cousin Becky. We are bottlefeeding "Princess" a Brahma calf. My cousin pointed out that this photo was exactly 40 years old on the day I posted it on facebook. Honey has always been good at dating all of her photos.

Honey even had some photos of Karl and me when we first started dating...we look really young and very '80's here...I am so thankful for her desire to photo journal our lives...there's still lots more photos to enjoy when Honey and I can make the time to go down memory lane again...I hope to do that really soon. To see even more of my memory lane photos and a story about my granddad, Lovey read this.


  1. Goodness... what a blessing to have such a grandma :) I bet you guys had the best time walking down memory lane together!!
    Now I need to go get my pictures in order...
    Happy Sunday!!

  2. I went to visit my grandmother this weekend and we did the same thing! She told my husband and I all about experiences with her granddad on the farm and I am going to forever cherish these stories..It's great that she took so many photos and you have so many wonderful snapshots and memories of your Honey and Lovey! I love the names!! :)

  3. How wonderful that your grandmother preserved all of her photos so well. And that you guys are able to take a walk down memory lane together!

  4. great old pictures!! what memories :)

  5. Love walking down memory lane! Great pictures!

  6. Yes, you've made me feel guilty for not going through my entire rubbermaid of old photos! I love going down memory lane!

  7. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Makes me want to do the same myself!

  8. thanks for the sweet comments...can't wait to go down memory lane again...but i just won't share those awkward chubby kid photos of me


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