Monday, March 31, 2014


Prom Season, it's the time of year again. AND you know what that means? To homeschooling mommas it means school is almost OUT! hall-er-loo-ya!

Prom season can bring it's own little stress though, because it begins with the search for the dress. When your daughter is size negative 0 that brings a little extra anxiety to the situation, but in the end it's all worth it.

The search for the perfect prom dress probably started in the fall for Karlie, but for me, much later, like almost too late. I occasionally looked at them when we passed by the prom dress displays in the stores. THEN when prom got to be two weeks away, I knew we had to get busy. So we went to the consignment store uptown. Lots to chose from but none that really worked....there was one that could have worked but we thought we'd keep looking. Next was a trip to Nashville to see Zach's recital. At this point, we are one week from the prom... and no dress.

Emily, Z's girlfriend, told us where a prom shop was near their college. We went, it was closed when we drove by. We are on eastern time zone, Nashville on central so we went to another store and came back later.

When we got back, the little prom dress shop was open. WITH Scads of dresses....and the most helpful dress shop owner ever. She had, in fact been in the prom dress business for 24 years and was ready to retire in May so she had marked down her dresses. Karlie found two dresses she liked and finally decided on the pink one. It was size small but would still need alternations. I made a trip to the our local alternations place the following Monday, and she made it a perfect fit.
here's  the dress...
high heels and a clutch
It was a rainy prom day so we used LOTS of hair spray on these curls. Gam was called in to help with this hair-do.

 Dad fastens the pearls. It's a great chance to wear those pearls we bought her inChina.
 Jolie was all about the dressing up action of the day.
 My favorite photo of Karlie in her prom dress and it was an instagram shot.
A collage of the days events...

She and her friend and classmate rode to the prom together.

Prom has come and gone for this year....that means summer is not too far behind.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Senior Recital

It's that time of year....recital season. Zach had his senior recital (aka a country/soul concert) this past Friday night at Belmont University. I did not snap a lot of photos because I just wanted to see it with my eyes rather than through a tiny view finder thingy. But I took a few photos during the show...and if you follow me on instagram, you are probably aware that I blew up instagram with a few pre show photos.