Monday, May 30, 2011

Karl's birthday

Jolie is Proud to be an American on this Memorial Day Weekend!
This weekend we celebrated Karl's Bday! His real birthday was yesterday, but we have been celebrating all weekend. He said he wanted to go shopping for a new shirt at the outlet mall. So we stopped for a bite to eat at Jimmy's steak and seafood. He had been wanting Catfish. In Mississipi, this is an easy request to fulfill, but I have said before "they" just don't know how to cook when I order catfish here I always ask 2 questions before I order and if they say the right answers I order it if not...I find something else. My first question is: Do you batter your catfish with cornmeal? If they say they add flour...I gag internally and order something else....Catfish should have cornmeal...this is not fried chicken we are talking about, folks. My second question is: Is your catfish farm raised and preferably did it come from MS. Farm Raised fish does not have that "fishy" taste...who wants to eat something that tastes like it smelled when you pulled it off the hook?
The waitress answered the questions correctly...and not only did we have catfish on Friday ...we brought back the whole crew on Sunday to share the "wealth"....

Good raised...cornmeal batter....not fried too hard....just right....I'd almost think I was in Mississippi...but it's not HOT enough for that, but it's getting almost that HOT!

It's been a great Birthday/ Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Freedom is not free!

When I was a little girl, my Great-Uncle Shub and family would come to visit us at Honey's house, (my grandmother, his sister)...When he came you were sure to be laughing because he is fun.  Back when I was little I noticed that he had a different car tag than everyone else; his tag said POW. I asked mom what that meant and she said he was a prisoner of war. I only knew about prisoners in jail, not prisoners of war. My mom explained that when he was at war that he was captured by the "bad guys" and held prisoner. I seemed to understand it a little better. I knew that he had some army friends that he always went to see each year, but he never really talked about his experiences much.

Uncle Shub Aunt Erma and my cousins Jan, Shelby Jr. and Becky ...this photo was taken at Honey's sometime in the 1970's.

When my mom was a little girl, my fun-loving Great-Uncle was sent off to war during the Korean Conflict.  Just days into the front lines he was shot in the face and stomach by the enemy. These injuries were not taken care of until he returned home. For a few days he laid low and tried to find his way back to the front lines, but was captured by the enemy and taken as a POW.  
He was captured and held prisoner in North Korea by a ruthless North Korean Major who soon had the nickname "Tiger". My Uncle is known as a Tiger Survivor.  Learn  more about Tiger Survivors here

When my Great Grandparents received the news that he was indeed missing in action and presumed dead, my great-grandmother would not accept the news. She believed he was alive. She read and prayed scripture daily believing for his safe return..

This photo was taken shortly after Uncle Shub's return home. He is pictured in the middle between My Great-Uncle Shirley, and my Grandmother Honey. Also, pictured here are Martha and Gilbert Creel, his parents. The ones who believed by faith for his return.

My grandmother recounts that right before he returned home, the news on the radio was reading lists of POWs about to be released. She said they read lists off every night, finally on the last night of  hearing the list, she knew it was getting close to the  end of the she gave up and turned off the radio. Friends that heard his name called to let her know that he was indeed on the list.
When Uncle Shub started his way home he was put on a boat with other POW's they were fed lots of rice because they were literally skin and bones. He had lived years with out clothes or anything much to eat.  
Uncle Shub always said if he ever made it home, he wanted a washtub full of banana pudding. My mother remembers that there was a huge dishpan of banana pudding at the welcome home celebration.
This was the only photo that Honey could find of that celebratory meal. Uncle Shub is seated near the fridge.
Uncle Shub with his siblings

Uncle Shub received the Purple Heart in 2004. He lived as a Prisoner of War under the Tiger for 3 years and 9 months. Let me repeat that 3 years and 9 months. That's a long time! Many of us were almost done with college in that length of time. So remember...Freedom is not free. 

Here is a photo taken earlier this year of Uncle Shub standing near his display in a museum. At this museum you can learn more about his experiences and hear his oral history. 
This is Dustin, Uncle Shub's grandson photographed outside of the museum.

Honey and Uncle Shub.

  As I've said before, I have only heard little snippets of  his POW experiences. But lately he has started to share his life story....and what a story it is. He had two buddies with him during his captivity....they held each other up during death marches when one or the other just could not go any farther. If they fell they would have been executed on the spot. These men became brothers and their bond has lasted a lifetime.
 So if  you're listening Steven Spielberg and Ron Uncle Shub has a story to tell and it would make a great movie.

So this Memorial Day as you sit and enjoy your BBQ, or your day off, or those really good sales....remember to THANK a veteran, you might even have a walking history book walking around in your family...get their story before it's too late. 

Your American Freedom was bought with a price!

Thank you, Uncle Shub!
Sunday Snapshot

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look at them boots!

I almost forgot that three months ago today Jolie became our daughter.  I almost forgot because this weekend has been a busy one...trying to get the kids packed for church that means washing and folding clothes and then packing their bags! THOSE are my most favorite chores of all (insert sarcasm font here)!

Anyway, Jolie is doing very well adjusting to her new family, new country, new home...etc... I have been busy putting together her LIFE book...and when I look back at the photos of her in the first days...I can see how much more comfortable she is with us.

She should have her palette closed this summer, so we are rapidly trying to plan a quick vacation after Church Camp, Atlanta Fest and before the surgery. There's a lot going least school is OUT....well for the most part anyway...we still do a math lesson everyday...make that 2 one for Shek and one for Karlie. You know how much MATH is like my favorite subject in the whole wide world!!!(sarcasm font here, too please!)

Here's some photos of  Jolie just snapped moments ago  with my handy dandy phone with it's clever little instagram app! Photos to mark 3 months with us! We are blessed indeed to have this baby girl in our family!
Jolie....she loves flowers and always has a bow or flower in her hair, but for some reason she doesn't have one here. She even "bought" a purple flower today at the Hobby store so that Gam can make a flower clip for her.

Just a Cutie!
This photo reminds me of graduation! Why?  Last night every public high school in our county held their high school graduation is just on the brain I guess. I remember how Mrs. M.R. Brown, had all the girls in our class to wear white shoes with hose so that we would all look uniform and graceful as we filed in...and she had some similar requirement for the boys too (but it didn't involve hose! HA)...Mrs. Brown was a particular for events...and they always turned out great and down to the T in proper etiquette! Thank you Mrs. Brown!

But this photo of Jolie reminds me of graduation because  when I was a little girl, my cousin graduated from high school...and he wore his Cowboy boots under his graduation robe ...and when they called out his name to receive his diploma...someone in the audience yelled out, "Look at them boots!" Everyone laughed!
 And that's what I think I'll title this photo: 
Look at them boots!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sights on my daily walk!

Today around midday Shek and I went for our daily walk at the church track. Since I was not pushing the stroller,(Jolie stayed home with Karlie and Dad), I was free to take some photos of the sights I see everyday at the track....and a few that I do not see! All my photos were taken with the IPhone. It's always in my pocket. 
The above photo is of one of the nice fishermen at the pond. He doesn't like it when folks throw their line in the pond or grass!
Since it was midday...we saw a few picnickers at the track, enjoying lunch under the pavilions. I want to go on a picnic, but I would want KFC and a big ole tub of mashed potatoes and gravy and that would literally eat up all my points!
Here's a light post. I like the antique~Victorian look that the light posts have. When I'm really feeling energetic I will run walk between posts.
Here's the flag pole display that was made by a church member when he was doing his Eagle Scout Project...that Eagle Scout is now a Marine! 
Here's one of the sights we never see at the track. The wind was ROUGH last night, lots of trees down around the metro area....there were several branches down and a large pine down at the track too. Let's just say I am glad I was NOT in these porta potties when they blew over....Don't ya know that's a big sad mess!
Speaking of trees being down everywhere, this tree fell down at my parents home. It is the largest tree in their yard....they found it down when they got back from visiting a family at the funeral home. They were praising the LORD that the tree went down toward the vacant lot next door....had it gone toward the house...the house would have been damaged from one end to the other...God placed that tree down  just as momma always had prayed. She always prayed that if that tree had to go down to lay it  down away from the house...and that's just what HE did....He is an On time awesome prayer answering GOD!
Now Back to my walk...Just had to stop and praise the LORD for a second.
Here's a beautiful Victorian Style water fountain at the track. Because I was not pushing the stroller, I did not have my water bottles with me stowed in the stroller basket. Walkers BEWARE this fountain is for looks only...doesn't work....not one bit....and today....that pond water was starting to look a little inviting I was so thirsty. Why is it you are most thirsty when you have NO water....BUT my boy told me if we take the Loooong track by the baseball fields that we could find water in those fountains....

So we did....and those fountains worked! YAH! Refreshing!
Oh yes, don't forget the geese and the ducks they are always there too. And if you are a fisherman don't throw your line down in the gets tangled around the geese's necks...and even though the geese are a bunch of hissing birds...don't hurt the poor things ....and keep your dogs on a leash too! LOL
You need a walk...head down to the church track by the Fire department....if you fall out from too much exertion just call 911.....the EMTs are literally just around the corner!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

SUNDAYsnapshot...doing the happy dance

Jolie had her   LOOOOOOOOOOOONG appointment with the Cleft team this week. The doc wants to proceed with the surgery to repair her open palette as soon as possible. So probably July she'll have that surgery done after she has an ent appointment and a dental retainer made to aid in healing after the surgery.

Daddio says we need a beach trip before the big surgery!

WE are all doing the happy dance about a beach trip. We have not been to the beach in 4 years...and I'm pretty sure Jolie has never been.

Sunday Snapshot

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Summertime!

Today Jolie had her BIG appointment with the Craniofacial was a long appointment. They told me it would be....We met everyone and the doc wants to schedule surgery ASAP. We have to go to an ENT and get a retainer made by the dentist first...and those appointments are already on the calendar.

Here we are waiting in between team member visits...the social worker asked for our birthdays...when she heard mine...she kept going on about how young I looked....I'll take that compliment!
It's summertime! Can't you hear that Rascal Flatts song?

 After our 3 hour doc appointment turned into 4 hours....we left for lunch and came home...Dad pressure washed the boat and the kids enjoyed getting wet.
gettin her clean...when can we go to the lake...
Sprayin Shek is fun!
It's summertime folks!  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back Seat Driver?

Jolie has been giving this Lightning McQueen Car the eyeball  ever since she came home nearly three months ago. Karl said, "She's just too little for it, I think." But earlier this week, he charged it up. 

Tonight, Shek pulled it out of the garage,  sat her in it and showed her how to press the pedal, but she couldn't reach it! SO, big brother came to the rescue. He just climbed on the back and worked the pedals. She soon figured out the steering...they had a fun time. 

Where there's a will there's a way and sometimes, back seat drivers come in handy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hissing at the geese

Shek, Jolie and I have been walking at the church track everyday this week. Actually, he scooters his way around the track and leaves me pushing Jolie in the stroller...
At the church track there are many geese. Canada Geese to be exact...and they leave a lot of little treasures on the track as you can see in the above photo. One must maneuver feet, scooter wheels and stoller wheels around these treasures very carefully.
Here are a few of the geese we meet on the track everyday.
Here's a momma with her babies...and she likes to hiss at everyone who passes her. I always hiss back...I will not be intimidated by geese anymore. Because as a child, Honey had "pet" geese at her house. They only liked her. They would hiss and scare everyone else in their path...mainly me...Many a day, her pets would "hiss" me right up the front steps and there I would sit till they moved on. Honey said they could smell my fear. I was fearful because I did not want to be pinched in the behind. Her pets were notorious for that! more ...I hiss back....clap my hands and stand my ground. Today, I even took a photo of one hissing at me only to realize that I had it on video rather than photo.

 In years past, I have seen the Canada Geese at the church track stand right in the middle of the track and intimidate walkers/runners causing the walker/runners to turn around and go the other way. I couldn't believe it. Their fear was really smelly!

The other day, my Shek...clapped his hands and ran the momma goose back in the pond with her little ones.  Some other jogger/walker told him not to do that because the momma was teaching her babies how to eat...had I have been around there during this conversation...I would have told her, "Well, right now momma goose can teach her babies to get out of the way of prey and or danger...she can teach them how to eat later." I guess walker/jogger didn't grow up with pet geese and experience their "pinch".  So I'll be watching...when those geese pinch her in the butt...let's see if her attitude changes about whether or not to shoo them into the pond or not.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Berry Lovely~ Sunday Snapshot

This weekend we went shopping for spring clothes...Since Jolie has plenty of clothes I wasn't planning on buying her anything new, but when I saw this shirt at Target I knew it had her name on it.
Here she is playing "peep-eye" wearing her new Berry Lovely shirt.

Here she is again..We tried posing together,but Karlie and I had our eyes clothes.
Karlie and I were headed to the final Pure Fashion meeting for the year. It was to be a mother-daughter tea, but ended up being mother-daughter ice cream sundae party and end of the year wrap up.
 We are wild about our expressions!
 Me and the sweetest man alive!
He's just so pretty....or should I say...Berry Lovely!

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Sunday Snapshot