Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Summertime!

Today Jolie had her BIG appointment with the Craniofacial was a long appointment. They told me it would be....We met everyone and the doc wants to schedule surgery ASAP. We have to go to an ENT and get a retainer made by the dentist first...and those appointments are already on the calendar.

Here we are waiting in between team member visits...the social worker asked for our birthdays...when she heard mine...she kept going on about how young I looked....I'll take that compliment!
It's summertime! Can't you hear that Rascal Flatts song?

 After our 3 hour doc appointment turned into 4 hours....we left for lunch and came home...Dad pressure washed the boat and the kids enjoyed getting wet.
gettin her clean...when can we go to the lake...
Sprayin Shek is fun!
It's summertime folks!  Enjoy!

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