Friday, May 27, 2011

Sights on my daily walk!

Today around midday Shek and I went for our daily walk at the church track. Since I was not pushing the stroller,(Jolie stayed home with Karlie and Dad), I was free to take some photos of the sights I see everyday at the track....and a few that I do not see! All my photos were taken with the IPhone. It's always in my pocket. 
The above photo is of one of the nice fishermen at the pond. He doesn't like it when folks throw their line in the pond or grass!
Since it was midday...we saw a few picnickers at the track, enjoying lunch under the pavilions. I want to go on a picnic, but I would want KFC and a big ole tub of mashed potatoes and gravy and that would literally eat up all my points!
Here's a light post. I like the antique~Victorian look that the light posts have. When I'm really feeling energetic I will run walk between posts.
Here's the flag pole display that was made by a church member when he was doing his Eagle Scout Project...that Eagle Scout is now a Marine! 
Here's one of the sights we never see at the track. The wind was ROUGH last night, lots of trees down around the metro area....there were several branches down and a large pine down at the track too. Let's just say I am glad I was NOT in these porta potties when they blew over....Don't ya know that's a big sad mess!
Speaking of trees being down everywhere, this tree fell down at my parents home. It is the largest tree in their yard....they found it down when they got back from visiting a family at the funeral home. They were praising the LORD that the tree went down toward the vacant lot next door....had it gone toward the house...the house would have been damaged from one end to the other...God placed that tree down  just as momma always had prayed. She always prayed that if that tree had to go down to lay it  down away from the house...and that's just what HE did....He is an On time awesome prayer answering GOD!
Now Back to my walk...Just had to stop and praise the LORD for a second.
Here's a beautiful Victorian Style water fountain at the track. Because I was not pushing the stroller, I did not have my water bottles with me stowed in the stroller basket. Walkers BEWARE this fountain is for looks only...doesn't work....not one bit....and today....that pond water was starting to look a little inviting I was so thirsty. Why is it you are most thirsty when you have NO water....BUT my boy told me if we take the Loooong track by the baseball fields that we could find water in those fountains....

So we did....and those fountains worked! YAH! Refreshing!
Oh yes, don't forget the geese and the ducks they are always there too. And if you are a fisherman don't throw your line down in the gets tangled around the geese's necks...and even though the geese are a bunch of hissing birds...don't hurt the poor things ....and keep your dogs on a leash too! LOL
You need a walk...head down to the church track by the Fire department....if you fall out from too much exertion just call 911.....the EMTs are literally just around the corner!

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