Saturday, May 28, 2011

Look at them boots!

I almost forgot that three months ago today Jolie became our daughter.  I almost forgot because this weekend has been a busy one...trying to get the kids packed for church that means washing and folding clothes and then packing their bags! THOSE are my most favorite chores of all (insert sarcasm font here)!

Anyway, Jolie is doing very well adjusting to her new family, new country, new home...etc... I have been busy putting together her LIFE book...and when I look back at the photos of her in the first days...I can see how much more comfortable she is with us.

She should have her palette closed this summer, so we are rapidly trying to plan a quick vacation after Church Camp, Atlanta Fest and before the surgery. There's a lot going least school is OUT....well for the most part anyway...we still do a math lesson everyday...make that 2 one for Shek and one for Karlie. You know how much MATH is like my favorite subject in the whole wide world!!!(sarcasm font here, too please!)

Here's some photos of  Jolie just snapped moments ago  with my handy dandy phone with it's clever little instagram app! Photos to mark 3 months with us! We are blessed indeed to have this baby girl in our family!
Jolie....she loves flowers and always has a bow or flower in her hair, but for some reason she doesn't have one here. She even "bought" a purple flower today at the Hobby store so that Gam can make a flower clip for her.

Just a Cutie!
This photo reminds me of graduation! Why?  Last night every public high school in our county held their high school graduation is just on the brain I guess. I remember how Mrs. M.R. Brown, had all the girls in our class to wear white shoes with hose so that we would all look uniform and graceful as we filed in...and she had some similar requirement for the boys too (but it didn't involve hose! HA)...Mrs. Brown was a particular for events...and they always turned out great and down to the T in proper etiquette! Thank you Mrs. Brown!

But this photo of Jolie reminds me of graduation because  when I was a little girl, my cousin graduated from high school...and he wore his Cowboy boots under his graduation robe ...and when they called out his name to receive his diploma...someone in the audience yelled out, "Look at them boots!" Everyone laughed!
 And that's what I think I'll title this photo: 
Look at them boots!

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