Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's Highlights...

Karlie got braces today. She has waited a long time to get these...she longs for the finished product...but the misery that goes along with  braces...we were not looking forward to. I've never had braces so I can't really imagine the pain and the difficulty in eating and such....but Karl had braces FAH.EVAH! And he can relate....I'll be glad when it's over...I know she will be too.

Shek took this photo of Jolie with my fact he took about 12 photos of her sitting in her car seat before we backed out of the garage this morning. She smiles so pretty for him.

So...Jolie and I thought muffins would be a soft food for Karlie and her braces...Turns out even muffins were too difficult on this first night with braces...but Jolie sure liked making the muffins and
Licking the bowl!

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  1. Poor Karlie! We will be praying for her as she adjusts. Joelie just makes me smile! She is beautiful!!


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