Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hissing at the geese

Shek, Jolie and I have been walking at the church track everyday this week. Actually, he scooters his way around the track and leaves me pushing Jolie in the stroller...
At the church track there are many geese. Canada Geese to be exact...and they leave a lot of little treasures on the track as you can see in the above photo. One must maneuver feet, scooter wheels and stoller wheels around these treasures very carefully.
Here are a few of the geese we meet on the track everyday.
Here's a momma with her babies...and she likes to hiss at everyone who passes her. I always hiss back...I will not be intimidated by geese anymore. Because as a child, Honey had "pet" geese at her house. They only liked her. They would hiss and scare everyone else in their path...mainly me...Many a day, her pets would "hiss" me right up the front steps and there I would sit till they moved on. Honey said they could smell my fear. I was fearful because I did not want to be pinched in the behind. Her pets were notorious for that! more ...I hiss back....clap my hands and stand my ground. Today, I even took a photo of one hissing at me only to realize that I had it on video rather than photo.

 In years past, I have seen the Canada Geese at the church track stand right in the middle of the track and intimidate walkers/runners causing the walker/runners to turn around and go the other way. I couldn't believe it. Their fear was really smelly!

The other day, my Shek...clapped his hands and ran the momma goose back in the pond with her little ones.  Some other jogger/walker told him not to do that because the momma was teaching her babies how to eat...had I have been around there during this conversation...I would have told her, "Well, right now momma goose can teach her babies to get out of the way of prey and or danger...she can teach them how to eat later." I guess walker/jogger didn't grow up with pet geese and experience their "pinch".  So I'll be watching...when those geese pinch her in the butt...let's see if her attitude changes about whether or not to shoo them into the pond or not.

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  1. If ya'll need to borrow an Australian Shepherd, our KK is very good at chasin' geese!
    We had a pet goose growing up, too. "Eagle" imprinted on my brother, and that was that. Never pinched us 'cause farm kids know to stay a step ahead ;)
    Fun fun fun springtime with family. So happy for you all to be home together!


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