Monday, May 30, 2011

Karl's birthday

Jolie is Proud to be an American on this Memorial Day Weekend!
This weekend we celebrated Karl's Bday! His real birthday was yesterday, but we have been celebrating all weekend. He said he wanted to go shopping for a new shirt at the outlet mall. So we stopped for a bite to eat at Jimmy's steak and seafood. He had been wanting Catfish. In Mississipi, this is an easy request to fulfill, but I have said before "they" just don't know how to cook when I order catfish here I always ask 2 questions before I order and if they say the right answers I order it if not...I find something else. My first question is: Do you batter your catfish with cornmeal? If they say they add flour...I gag internally and order something else....Catfish should have cornmeal...this is not fried chicken we are talking about, folks. My second question is: Is your catfish farm raised and preferably did it come from MS. Farm Raised fish does not have that "fishy" taste...who wants to eat something that tastes like it smelled when you pulled it off the hook?
The waitress answered the questions correctly...and not only did we have catfish on Friday ...we brought back the whole crew on Sunday to share the "wealth"....

Good raised...cornmeal batter....not fried too hard....just right....I'd almost think I was in Mississippi...but it's not HOT enough for that, but it's getting almost that HOT!

It's been a great Birthday/ Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Adorable photo of Jolie and happy birthday to your husband. :)


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