Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pure Fashion Show

Today was the big day for the Pure Fashion~Fashion Show. Pure Fashion is a faith based program teaching girls to dress modestly but in a fashionable way. It teaches girls to be beautiful from the inside out. Pure Fashion is a ministry of the Catholic church, but other denominations are encouraged to attend. We are protestants and have throughly enjoyed the program.  Pure Fashion has groups through out the USA and also internationally as well. 
We arrived early and were able to see some of the final preparations. My Mom watched them  put up the scrim...she had to make a scrim for our church many years ago for a musical production...brought back a some memories for her.
We were in the Buckhead Theatre for this event.
Shek and Jolie chill out in the balcony before the show starts.

The program
 My girl's photo is in the program.
Jolie showing Sandi the program and pointing to her sis's photo. Sandi is one of Karlie's good friends and she joined us to watch the show. She had to hang out with us oldies for a large portion of the day while Karlie was back stage...hope we didn't bore her too much.
Pure Fashion has teamed up with Bert's BIG adventure for two years now to make this show happen. It's a great fundraiser for BBA.

This photo was posted by Tracey Christensen on the Moms like 11alive facebook page. We were excited to see another photo of Karlie.

Here's Karlie. She had the honor of modeling with one of the younger Bert's kids. 
There they go.
Here's a close-up of Karlie's outfit.
 Some of Karlie's model friends modeling Pure Fashions.
The last walk through of the models wearing their Fashion show shirts.
 More fashions
Here's the emcee of the event Stacey Weiss a co-founder of BBA
 Pure Fashion Friends giving her  flowers.

Pure Fashion Volunteers who helped make the "fashions" happen for the show.

 Musical entertainment for the show included this 6 year old girl.
 Laughing Pizza also performed. My hubby was not really into their style of music, but Jolie was...I told him they were on PBS...they were more for the preschool set!
More of Laughing Pizza
Karlie and one of her Model Friends, Regan.

Snapped this photo when we got back home. This is a photo of Karlie and her friend Sandi. We celebrated the end of a long fashion show day with a trip to DQ. I think the diet for me starts tomorrow for sure.

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