Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Oldest Kid!~~CD give-away!

My oldest will be finishing his very first year of college next week. I know he will be heaving a great big sigh of relief. I think he's ready for a break, but I don't know how much of a break he will have because he has a lot planned this summer.

He plans to lead worship at a summer camp or two.
Zach and friends

He's also going to participate in the AtlantaFest talent show in June.
Zach at AtlantaFest2010
He's  also saving and raising funds to go back to the studio to record a cd. Please view his kickstarter project! He needs all of the prayer and financial support he can get.

Zach only has 30 days left on his kickstarter project....He has a few backers, but if he doesn't raise all the money he needs he gets none. The backers get their pledged money back...but it's an all or nothing fund raiser...

Sooooooooooo.Please help me spread the word about Zach's kickstarter!  If you share his kickstarter to your facebook, or share his kickstarter link and a little write up about it on your blog...I will send you his Cd demo that he recorded last year. Just leave me a comment with a link back to your blog. If you donate... Kickstarter automatically tells you about rewards for each level of donations.

Please get to sharing and commenting and I'll send you his cd called Story! You can PM me with your address.
Photo by DanielStancil


  1. Am praying for your young man as well as supporting him. He has always been one who loves the Lord and has used his voice to let others know. God gave him that instrument and he is Glorifying God with it. May He bless Zach with full support. He deserves it. Love each one of you.

  2. Thsnks, Diane for your support, prayers and encouragement. You're a blessing!

  3. Looks like Zach rocks it. I love his edgy preppy style. God will do amazing things through him. I pray that my Hoot will be on fire for Christ!

  4. Thanks Hoots Momma, for the encouraging words!


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