Friday, August 24, 2012

my kind of outdoor furniture...

On a recent rest stop, my kids enjoyed lounging on the outdoor furniture.
It was pretty cool and fun outdoor furniture.
It has a definite summer beach feel even though we were no where near the beach...Summer is fun anytime of the year, don't ya think..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

fountain fun

I loved this fountain and took several photos. I even messed around with the settings on my camera...I really don't know what I'm doing, but tried a few different things, and then edited it in picasa cause that's all I've got...yea, yea, pathetic i know, but it's all for fun.

I can still feel the spray.
Two of my cuties enjoyed the fountain too.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Campus scenes

While at welcome weekend last week, 2ach was busy with his group activities. We spent some time exploring the campus.

 The landscape was awesome...and the flowers everywhere were quite the temptation to my flower pickin' girl.

 She loves to pick flowers.
 I love communities where walking and biking is THE number 1 choice for transportation.
 There was a beautiful rose garden, and each rose bush had a name posted. Jolie could not understand why she could not pick the roses...
 Lovely ga2abos in the campus to sit and visit or study.
 I know someone who will spend a lot of time here.
 When I see such lovely flowers as these, I wish I had a green thumb, but that's not what the Lord gifted me with, but I can admire someone else's awesome gift.
 The music building sign.
 Karlie posing by the beautiful landscape.
 The bell tower
 I love to eat outside...this looks like a great place to visit, eat, study, chill, etc...
I told you she loves to pick the flowers. Purple is her favorite too.
 Karlie got a shirt like this one.

 rose garden
 I loved this photo of Karlie with the yellow flowers.
 The fountain out front and the foliage planted near by was quite the scene.

 Somebody was wondering where 2ach was.
Loved this fountain and enjoyed the spray I felt while taking the photo.
 Shek sporting his new Belmont cap.
We had fun at the welcome weekend, and loved exploring the campus and surrounding city of Nashville. Can't wait to see what we discover next time we visit.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

boy meets belmont

At this time of year 20 years ago, I was about to give birth to our first forward 20 years and  we are helping that first born move away to college as a transfer student. seems to be on fast forward.
Here are some highlights of the move-in weekend.
The move in day parking pass.

Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee has been they boy's dream since about the 6th grade.

Apartment sweet Apartment
Welcome weekend's schedule was extremely full for new students and family. We even missed the dinner on the lawn as we were busy trying to unload and set up his apartment. Here he stands in the living room of his on campus apartment. He and his roommate need something to hang on the walls.
Here he is posing in the kitchen. 
 His bedroom...still needs some wall hangings.
The other side of his room.
The weekend was busy for everyone, I liked how the school put the new students in groups and had them get to know each other and do activities together. We hardly saw him, but we did make a walmart trip to get some things he needed.
 Hunter and 2ach met at Atlanta Christian College, and decided to take the leap, and transfer to Belmont. After being accepted into the music program they have been beyond excited and ready to get started.
 I loved the matriculation ceremony that started off the year. 
Looks like graduation ...

The new students say the pledges while their group leaders look on.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye...2ach had been teasing about us getting emotional and would we miss him...

 We were all holding it together until...
Karlie lost it...then Dad had the quivery lips and chin and had to look out the window, and I had that ugly cry face and cry voice and Shek had that 'chew the cud' thing he does when he's upset...

We miss him, but are excited about his opportunity at this great university.
Hang on to that dream that God placed in your heart, son. God has great plans for your life, (Jer.29.11).

*more  posts of belmont nashville trip coming soon, i took lots of photos.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chipper Jones NIGHT

Take me out to the ball game buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks...

 Shek has been planning on to Chipper Jones night all summer long. His excitement on game day was at its height. Hyper, name it. He was bundled up with some joy.
 The first 20,000 ticket holders received a Chipper Jones Bobble Head. Jolie was quite excited about hers and had to carry it herself and has been walking around with it all day today as well.
Braves Fans.
 The game was awesome. Chipper Jones had 2 homeruns he was on fire. I guess he was just as excited as Shek that it was Chipper Jones' Bobble head night. After the game 2ach and Caylene posed with the field in the background. 
 Karl and her Dad.
Momma and Daddy

Friday, August 17, 2012

highlights of a quick beach trip

We took off to St. Simmons Island Last Sunday after Church.  We enjoy the laid back slow paced lifestyle experienced at St. Simmons. I think I could get used to it.
I have always loved light houses. Wouldn't it have been neat to be a light housekeeper family back in the day....well, at least until a hurricane came, anyway.
 Shek wanted to climb the lighthouse, but we arrived about 30 mins too late to do it.
 Here we are minus dad, he took the photo, no random stranger around to snap one of all of us.
The playground at the pier was a big hit with Shek and Jolie. 

 We discovered that the beach is Jolie's happy place. Many belly laughs and big grins from this girl.
 2ach and Jolie headed off the beach
She cried and cried when we got back to the hotel and I changed her out of her wet swimsuit. She kept  crying and saying I don't want to go away. The way she phrased it made me think all kinds of things and I got emotional, Karl said, She just doesn't want to leave the beach...she's having too much fun and doesn't want it to end. 
Shek and Jolie are chasing the seagulls.
The next morning we headed home, but first we stopped in Savannah one of our favorite spots. We love to visit River Street and of course Uncle Bubba's Seafood.
But first we stopped at the candy store. There's lots of goodies to see, but a praline is always my choice.
Jolie couldn't believe all of the choices, but she wanted the buckeyes since the candy counter lady gave her sample. 
 Karlie and me taking photos with the iphone. Seems that in our rush to pack up and go, the rechargeable batteries were left at home and I was stuck using the iphone yet again.
One of my favorite scenes of Savannah is this statue of the waving girl. Seems like the story is she waved  a welcome to all the passing ships. She died, I think in 1943, and this statue was erected in her memory.

After leaving river street we headed to uncle bubba's, you know, uncle bubba's as in paula deen's brother. When we arrived the parking lot was full. Very unusual for a Tuesday midday and there were 2 tour buses. I jokingly said, Paula must be here today. When we got inside, sure enough, she was, as well as both sons, hubby and her brother. I was shocked. We didn't get in line for the book signing but my Shek grabbed my phone and went to the window where she was and snapped a few photos until they told him he couldn't. Then after finishing our lunch, and heading to the parking lot, Jolie wanted to stop and look at the koi fish...the big kids went on to the car. BUT when we got there they each met us telling us that Paula and family just got in their limo and waved to them and said BYE y'all! I said did you take a photo! My oldest said, no momma we just kinda had our mouth dropped and waved and said bye...and Karl and I missed it. BUT my phone battery was dead by then so I couldn't have done much better. 
Me and my batteries!

the long road