Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Campus scenes

While at welcome weekend last week, 2ach was busy with his group activities. We spent some time exploring the campus.

 The landscape was awesome...and the flowers everywhere were quite the temptation to my flower pickin' girl.

 She loves to pick flowers.
 I love communities where walking and biking is THE number 1 choice for transportation.
 There was a beautiful rose garden, and each rose bush had a name posted. Jolie could not understand why she could not pick the roses...
 Lovely ga2abos in the campus to sit and visit or study.
 I know someone who will spend a lot of time here.
 When I see such lovely flowers as these, I wish I had a green thumb, but that's not what the Lord gifted me with, but I can admire someone else's awesome gift.
 The music building sign.
 Karlie posing by the beautiful landscape.
 The bell tower
 I love to eat outside...this looks like a great place to visit, eat, study, chill, etc...
I told you she loves to pick the flowers. Purple is her favorite too.
 Karlie got a shirt like this one.

 rose garden
 I loved this photo of Karlie with the yellow flowers.
 The fountain out front and the foliage planted near by was quite the scene.

 Somebody was wondering where 2ach was.
Loved this fountain and enjoyed the spray I felt while taking the photo.
 Shek sporting his new Belmont cap.
We had fun at the welcome weekend, and loved exploring the campus and surrounding city of Nashville. Can't wait to see what we discover next time we visit.

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