Tuesday, August 21, 2012

boy meets belmont

At this time of year 20 years ago, I was about to give birth to our first born...fast forward 20 years and  we are helping that first born move away to college as a transfer student. WOW...life seems to be on fast forward.
Here are some highlights of the move-in weekend.
The move in day parking pass.

Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee has been they boy's dream since about the 6th grade.

Apartment sweet Apartment
Welcome weekend's schedule was extremely full for new students and family. We even missed the dinner on the lawn as we were busy trying to unload and set up his apartment. Here he stands in the living room of his on campus apartment. He and his roommate need something to hang on the walls.
Here he is posing in the kitchen. 
 His bedroom...still needs some wall hangings.
The other side of his room.
The weekend was busy for everyone, I liked how the school put the new students in groups and had them get to know each other and do activities together. We hardly saw him, but we did make a walmart trip to get some things he needed.
 Hunter and 2ach met at Atlanta Christian College, and decided to take the leap, and transfer to Belmont. After being accepted into the music program they have been beyond excited and ready to get started.
 I loved the matriculation ceremony that started off the year. 
Looks like graduation ...

The new students say the pledges while their group leaders look on.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye...2ach had been teasing about us getting emotional and would we miss him...

 We were all holding it together until...
Karlie lost it...then Dad had the quivery lips and chin and had to look out the window, and I had that ugly cry face and cry voice and Shek had that 'chew the cud' thing he does when he's upset...

We miss him, but are excited about his opportunity at this great university.
Hang on to that dream that God placed in your heart, son. God has great plans for your life, (Jer.29.11).

*more  posts of belmont nashville trip coming soon, i took lots of photos.


  1. Bless him this year and saying a special prayer for your heart. It is a feeling like none other! Blessings and love!

    1. Thanks so very much for your prayers.

    2. oops. didn't know Karlie was signed in...that was really my comment. lol


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