Friday, August 10, 2012

Tu Tu Pink and Prissy!

 Karlie found this cute little outfit for Jolie at Target last weekend. She's good at putting outfits together. Karlie said, "Jolie's converse shoes will look great with this!" SO we dressed her up, but she wasn't in the mood for any picture snapping....
tutu cute
I wish I could pull off something cute like this, but I think I will leave the fashion trend to the little girls.

When we headed over to Ms. Gina's for our hair cuts, Jolie turned on the charm. She loves loves loves to get her hair cut at Ms. Gina's.
 Big Sister loaned her some lipstick and here she is looking in the mirror.
I warned ya, she turned on some photo taking charm.
 One happy beautiful girl...
Posing in Ms. Gina's hair stylin' chair.
And That's the END of this tu tu cute photo shoot.

the long road

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  1. Oh how fun...and how fun to have some lipstick!!! Very cute!


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