Thursday, May 19, 2016


Tennis is a year round thing with Shek. He plays when its cold when it's hot when it's just right and when it's not. During tennis team season it's especially busy for the family. We love to see him play the game. We enjoy his passion for the sport. We admire his champion attitude to improve daily.
Tennis Team Brothers

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

good music doesn't have an expiration date

Zach is working toward ordination as a worship pastor. He also continues writing music and has recently put on the producer hat as he and his friend have joined forces and are using their God gifted talents and passion for music.

Zach doing what he loves!

 Zach with his Pastor
 2nd year ordination certificate
Zach and Eric producing Music...good music doesn't have an expiration date.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A girl can never have too many lipstick options

"A girl can never have too many lipstick options." Zoe Sugg.  Karlie has always loved makeup. It's been her desire to become a makeup artist. She recently finished her makeup artist course at Atlanta Makeup Academy. She enjoyed learning so much from her instructor and looks forward to more opportunities to learn and work in this field.

Here she is with a stocked makeup kit, a certificate and a smile. 
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Fit Fine and 91

When I was a little bitty girl, we lived in a trailer in Honey and Lovey's yard. I have vague memories of it, but I do remember living there for a time in a green and white trailer. In this photo, Honey is younger than I am now, and she was a grandmother. Too young to be called granny, she was  named Honey.

Last year we celebrated her 90th birthday, and I reached out to all of her nieces and nephews and had them send her cards with memories that they had of her over the years.

I am so glad that they all sent in those happy memories. She treasured each card and memory, and in the past year, one of those nephews was killed in a car accident. 
This April, she turned 91. I tried making an icecream cake. Next time I will leave it to the professionals!
Honey on her 91st!

Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day 2016

At Church on Mother's Day, there was an awesome backdrop and real photographers taking mom's day photos. TO me the best gift, is an awesome photo. So in between services, and serving, I met my kids and we had a photo snapped. Since I didn't get the wear pink memo, and everyone was not present, because we all go to different churches, we did the whole photo thing again at Mom's Day lunch with the family.
 The Multi-generational Mom's Day photo....I changed into a more color-coordinating outfit to match everyone else.

Me with all four kids. 


My number one prayer for all my children has been that they would Love Jesus from an early age and live for Him all the days of their lives. Last year, Jolie, prayed to Jesus asking Him to be her Lord and Savior. She wanted to be baptized at church to share with everyone that Jesus is her best friend, her Lord and Savior. We talked about baptism and how it is just a symbol that shows everyone about your love and commitment to Jesus, similar to how wedding bands symbolize a love and marriage commitment to each spouse. We met with the leaders at church, she shared her story. On April 24, baby number 4 was baptized showing that she loves Jesus.

Jolie said she was nervous, and that her knees were shaking, but she did great. Her wonderful leaders gave her an awesome new pink Bible and a cupcake from Sprinkles. We celebrated with the family after church at California Pizza Kitchen.

During the time that Jolie was baptized, our pastor was preaching on the labels that define us. He reminded us not to let anyone but God speak over us. Many times we allow someone else to label or define us with negative words of death. During the label maker series we were reminded that God speaks to us that we are chosen, we are holy, wer are able, we are heirs, we have purpose and we are alive. On one of the Sundays, we could stop and get a photo made with a label that we thought defined us especially. Jolie wanted to have her photo made and she chose ALIVE. What an awesome choice! She knows at age 6 that she is ALIVE in CHRIST.