About Me!

I recently discovered the definintion of vintage means 20 years or older...so this is a vintage photo of me and the hubbs.

This is a more recent photo of us taken on our 25 wedding anniversary in June 2015

My husband and I grew up in small towns  in the south similar to Mayberry.  Can't ya hear our Southern drawl?  Currently we live in a large suburb near a very large Southern metropolitan city. We met in Junior College in the band. I'm glad I was a band nerd! After receiving our associates degrees, he  went to Auburn University and I went to Mississippi State. We married after completing our college education. We have 4 great kids. Our 4th was adopted in China in 2011. You can learn even more about me here!

We have been home-educators since 2004. Prior to becoming home-educators our oldest two children went to a local Christian academy.  Home education works as our 1st Homeschool experiment  graduated  in 2010 and our 2nd graduated in 2015. Our homeschool curriculum consists of unit studies, traditional studies as well as fine-arts and academic co-op classes, aka as hybrid school.  We try to be well-rounded in our education, but our most important focus is always a Christian worldview.  

 We believe in Jesus! We believe in the power of prayer. It is our desire to seek, serve and please Him. 

 I enjoy reading, writing, singing, homeschooling, blogging, walking with an occasional jog, and going to and serving as a doorholder at church. This blog is dedicated to our family life..I love reading and writing, so why not blog?

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