Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Jack!

Duck Dynasty is our favorite tv show, So that explains today's blog title and this shirt.

Shek and his NFL Bed set.
Honey gave everyone one of these cute packs of Holiday Dough!
Karlie and her discoball dress!
Jolie opens one of her Cinderella themed gifts.

Christmas started early here for our bunch. Shek set his alarm clock in the room that Gam and Pop were sleeping in, I do believe he did that on purpose....,So our crew was up before daylight, which is highly unusual for our bunch...it must be Christmas. 
So in the words of Si of Duck Dynasty...Merry Christmas, Jack!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Traditions

The anticipation of Christmas Eve should be bottled and spritzed on each day. Each year, our family has a few traditions that happen each year, this year I changed up some of our eats.  The Oldest didn't like that I left off the meatballs, but I think we all survived without them.
We always go to Christmas Eve Service. This year, my "boys" ran an errand to get Zach's phone fixed. What was supposed to take an hour took over three and caused them to totally miss church. BUT the rest of us went. Jolie was excited about the singing and the candle, but fell asleep on Pop before church was over.

The whole church was full and looked awesome with all of the candles shining all over the church.
We only have Cokes at Christmas. And the kids love drinking them from the old fashioned bottles.
We always make a redvelvet cake for Jesus' birthday cake. Red symbolic of the blood shed for our sins, the white frosting symbolizing that HE makes us white as snow.
 Kids always know that they get one gift to open on Eve night. AND it's always PJs.  Karlie always has a good reaction to her gifts. 
 Shek giggles over Shark pjs.
 Jolie's pjs had 2 sets on the hanger. Her pjs were princess themed.
Zach was shocked that we found some Duck Dynasty pjs for him. 
 Jolie and Shek pose in their new pjs.
 Karlie has taught this girl how to pose. 
  My girls pose in their pjs.
 Shek and Pop
 Zach and Karlie pose with Honey and Samantha
 Singing Christmas Carols around the piano
Honey joins in on the singing...
 We will be waking up bright and early and opening presents, and then eating a Christmas Day Breakfast.

Merry Christmas from the Berry House to yours...
Praying your Christmas will be
 Happy, Happy, Happy!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Baking up a little Christmas Cheer

Christmas Holidays are finally here, and I've been promising the kiddos we would bake and decorate some goodies. I called Gam and Honey so we could all be in on the fun.
I noticed some of the goodies my bloggy friends had been making and decided we would add those to our Christmas goodie baking day.
 Caramels are one of our family favorites. AND the recipe looked easy and delicious. 
 And it really was!!! 
This recipe is definitely a keeper.
Next was Sarah's Buckeyes. I have enjoyed them in the past, but never made them myself. Thanks Sarah for the recipe. These were a hit with the family too.
Next we got out the tea cake recipe that's been used in our family for a very long time. This recipe belonged to former Governor of LA and our family started using this recipe years ago. 
 Here we are mixing it all up.
 When Jolie found out we were baking today, she hugged my legs and squealed with delight, "Thanks Momma!" She loves play dough so playing in the real thing that's actually edible was right up her alley. 
 Karlie brings all of the cookie sheets to the table.
 Cookie cutters
 Gam and Jolie pat the dough.
 Decorating with Sprinkles
 Honey joined in. She says, a baking pan is not any good until it looks like mine here. LOL
 I couldn't find an apron and Gam had flour on her from her head to her toe. See those AdvoCare boxes in the corner? We will be wrapping gifts in those soon. 
 Everyone had fun baking up some Christmas memories today. I loved trying new recipes, along with the old family favorites too. After all of the sweet eats, I'll be ready for a Challenge, join me?

PosiTeethly Amazing

It's been a smiling week at our house. EVERYONE had a dentist appointment during the holidays. Yesterday everyone was due a cleaning except Karl. Karlie had her big appointment today (braces off, cleaning etc.) Jolie's appointment was at CHOA in the ATL. She usually screams, and cries. She told dad she didn't want them to hurt her and he said he wouldn't let them. He went with us in the back for her cleaning and she was positively amazing at the dentist. Didn't bat an eye...opened her mouth wide and let them clean, polish, examine. Since it was Christmas she had her choice of  candy cane, hot chocolate, or sugar cookie toothpaste. She chose chocolate. She's come a long way baby.

Then the Dentist came in and checked her out after the cleaning. 

At the end she picked out a yellow bracelet from the prize drawer and a purple and red toothbrush.
We are a smiling bunch over here at our house.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Million Dollar Smile

Almost two years ago, Karlie visited the Ortho for a braces consultation. Since we were headed to China at that time to get Jolie, it was decided to put those braces on as soon as we returned. For the past few years, Karlie has lived with the pains of braces.

Last month Dr. Nia gave her the good news that they were coming off in December, just five days before Christmas. What an awesome Christmas present.

Our appointment was at 930 this morning, for braces removal, retainer fitting and a cleaning. IT was a long appointment. I played with my phone until the battery died. Finally she came to the waiting room and we waited for the retainer, then she practiced putting it in and out. then we were on our way home.

Look At That Sweet Smile. Dr Nia said that smile looks like a million bucks. Her dad agrees with that in more ways than one.(justkidding). She'll be wearing a clear retainer for a while, but the braces are off. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Program

This past weekend was THE weekend for Christmas programs. Shek and Karlie were in the HOME of FINE arts program on Friday. Karlie performed with the sign language group, and Shek sang with the Acts I Choir. On Friday, I only had my phone to take photos. BUT I did have my real camera charged and ready for the church program on Sunday Night. Here's a few photos of the program of Shek and Jolie a few of their friends, and even the grinch. IT was a great upbeat program. Always love it.

I loved the 3 Grinches who came out and played Blue Man style.
This is Shek's percussion teacher dressed as Grinch.
 There's Jolie standing between Mary and Joseph. That Joseph is in my SS class. 
 The Preschoolers are always a treat to watch and hear sing.
There she is  looking sweet in her glittery festive dress.
 She actually looked my way.
 Shek's group...he's on the top in the argyle sweater.
 Another photo of his group.
 He's a part of the percussion group, and from where we were sitting, I could see his backside really well. LoL
Here they are singing with Mark Hall. Shek is standing directly behind the director. 

It was an awesome program. Great drama, singing, media, kiddies, grownies ...everyone did a great job praising the Lord.