Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Where ya been?

When we returned home from Speech today, I saw Zach's car in the driveway behind Karl's truck. Jolie didn't notice, and I didn't mention it. We came in and went upstairs to Karl's "office" and there sat Zach. Jolie was busy telling Dad about speech, and then she noticed him, and stopped in her tracks. At lunch she didn't start out by sitting with him, but then inched over to his side of the table and ate with him.
He asked, "Are you glad to see me?"
She said, "YES!" kissed his face and asked, "Where ya been?"
"I've been at school, but I am home for a Christmas. I'll be here a loooong time." answered Zach.
And to that she smiled. And this Momma is glad to have all of her chickens in the nest at the same time once again.
Let the good times roll....and sometime soon, some people around here need to go Christmas shopping! Since we have not even started. YIKES!

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