Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Traditions

The anticipation of Christmas Eve should be bottled and spritzed on each day. Each year, our family has a few traditions that happen each year, this year I changed up some of our eats.  The Oldest didn't like that I left off the meatballs, but I think we all survived without them.
We always go to Christmas Eve Service. This year, my "boys" ran an errand to get Zach's phone fixed. What was supposed to take an hour took over three and caused them to totally miss church. BUT the rest of us went. Jolie was excited about the singing and the candle, but fell asleep on Pop before church was over.

The whole church was full and looked awesome with all of the candles shining all over the church.
We only have Cokes at Christmas. And the kids love drinking them from the old fashioned bottles.
We always make a redvelvet cake for Jesus' birthday cake. Red symbolic of the blood shed for our sins, the white frosting symbolizing that HE makes us white as snow.
 Kids always know that they get one gift to open on Eve night. AND it's always PJs.  Karlie always has a good reaction to her gifts. 
 Shek giggles over Shark pjs.
 Jolie's pjs had 2 sets on the hanger. Her pjs were princess themed.
Zach was shocked that we found some Duck Dynasty pjs for him. 
 Jolie and Shek pose in their new pjs.
 Karlie has taught this girl how to pose. 
  My girls pose in their pjs.
 Shek and Pop
 Zach and Karlie pose with Honey and Samantha
 Singing Christmas Carols around the piano
Honey joins in on the singing...
 We will be waking up bright and early and opening presents, and then eating a Christmas Day Breakfast.

Merry Christmas from the Berry House to yours...
Praying your Christmas will be
 Happy, Happy, Happy!


  1. Merry Christmas Martha!!! I simply LOVE Christmas traditions. It is so fun to see what other families do. Your candle light service looked beautiful.


    1. Thanks, Kim! Sweet blessings to you and yours.


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