Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jolie meets Mr. C!

Jolie announced that she wanted to go see Santa Claus. She was pretty set on us making that happen. We have not been to see Santa in a very long time in this house. Even though he's on our tree, and we have a dancing santa, and we watch the occasional Santa movie, we don't really 'do' the Santa thing around here. BUT since she kept talking about it, and I am pretty sure noticed a few photos of the older kids with Santa over the years. She wanted to go. So yesterday, I dressed her in her festive dress, she applied lipstick and off we went. We loaded up to see Santa at the closest mall. I was hoping for a pretty Santa, you know one with a real beard.
When we arrived, Santa was on break. LOL...but was due back right then, in fact he was pushing 10 mins. late. SO this ole momma stood right there in line before the masses arrived. Soon, There he was the red suited fellow himself. I took Jolie, and sat her in his lap. She didn't cry but she would not look at him nor smile. SO santa said we'd do a family photo. Shek and Karlie would not participate, so it was just Karl and me, and Jolie. She finally warmed up to him before it was over, and even hugged him goodbye.

Jolie meets Santa!
As we walked out of Santa's Mall Village, Karl paid for our package and the lady handed us our photos. I showed Jolie and she drooped her jaw and gasped, "OHHHHHHHHHH". She has been very proud of her photos, and fell asleep on the way home looking at them.

I am glad she had fun meeting Mr. C. I've told her that he represents the Spirit of Giving at Christmas time.

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