Friday, December 21, 2012

PosiTeethly Amazing

It's been a smiling week at our house. EVERYONE had a dentist appointment during the holidays. Yesterday everyone was due a cleaning except Karl. Karlie had her big appointment today (braces off, cleaning etc.) Jolie's appointment was at CHOA in the ATL. She usually screams, and cries. She told dad she didn't want them to hurt her and he said he wouldn't let them. He went with us in the back for her cleaning and she was positively amazing at the dentist. Didn't bat an eye...opened her mouth wide and let them clean, polish, examine. Since it was Christmas she had her choice of  candy cane, hot chocolate, or sugar cookie toothpaste. She chose chocolate. She's come a long way baby.

Then the Dentist came in and checked her out after the cleaning. 

At the end she picked out a yellow bracelet from the prize drawer and a purple and red toothbrush.
We are a smiling bunch over here at our house.

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