Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Program

This past weekend was THE weekend for Christmas programs. Shek and Karlie were in the HOME of FINE arts program on Friday. Karlie performed with the sign language group, and Shek sang with the Acts I Choir. On Friday, I only had my phone to take photos. BUT I did have my real camera charged and ready for the church program on Sunday Night. Here's a few photos of the program of Shek and Jolie a few of their friends, and even the grinch. IT was a great upbeat program. Always love it.

I loved the 3 Grinches who came out and played Blue Man style.
This is Shek's percussion teacher dressed as Grinch.
 There's Jolie standing between Mary and Joseph. That Joseph is in my SS class. 
 The Preschoolers are always a treat to watch and hear sing.
There she is  looking sweet in her glittery festive dress.
 She actually looked my way.
 Shek's group...he's on the top in the argyle sweater.
 Another photo of his group.
 He's a part of the percussion group, and from where we were sitting, I could see his backside really well. LoL
Here they are singing with Mark Hall. Shek is standing directly behind the director. 

It was an awesome program. Great drama, singing, media, kiddies, grownies ...everyone did a great job praising the Lord.

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