Monday, March 30, 2015

Stop! Wait a minute....time flies whether you're busy or not.

Years ago, I named my blog Berry bliz because it was a nice play on words as to how life at the berry house is blissful. I thought spelling it with a z was more hip and happening and maybe I just wanted to rebel against my normally grammar nazi-self, well sometimes I am a grammar nazi sometimes I write in runons, use the wrong tense and all that, like I am doing now. Life is still bliss at the Berrys, but it 's busy, extremely busy. Maybe I should have named the blog berrybusy.

I have been so busy in fact, that I have not made the time to blog, but every now and then, one must just STOP, wait a minute and update the blog.

Why have I been busy you ask? Here's some of the reasons: two of the four kids attend a hybrid school with lots of assignments, one of them is a senior. My senior can see the light at the end of the tunnel as we jump through the remainder of the required hoops until that tassel is turned. The thirteen year old also plays tennis with lots of practices and games, and  then there is the five year old in kindergarten who is being homeschooled by me. She is learning to read, and she asked questions from the time she wakes until she falls asleep; we are very involved in our church and then there's always a never ending pile of laundry, lunches, and you get the picture.... etc etc etc...

 I thought, I must interrupt my busyness and share some photos from Karlie's senior prom.
Karlie and her friends 

 The famous charlie's angel pose
Just a few of the prom goers..

Now that I've updated the blog with a few snapshots it's time to carry on. Time flies whether you're busy or not. Make the most of it.