Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stone Mountain

 We took a trip to Stone Mountain to the see the laser show last weekend.
 This was Emily's first trip to Stone Mountain Park.
 The rest of us have not been in a while either. 
 It was starting to fill up on the lawn so 
 Karl grabbed our blankets to stake out our place while the rest of us rode to the top of the mountain.
 Jolie had been to the mountain earlier but doesn't remember it...
 It was very cool and breezy on top of the mountain....very relaxing.
 You could see the Atlanta skyline in the distance although it was hazy.
 Shek and his selfies.
 Jolie poses for me.
 Emily took several photos of Jolie...I love this's so carefree
She captured such joy just moments before Jolie fell and scrapped her knee. We headed inside found the park ranger and got a band aid...and headed back down the mountain to show Daddy...

Soon the laser show started and we saw all the old favorites of the show and some new things too...

Summer memories....are the best.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just Keep Swimming

 Jolie started swimming lessons last week.
 On Day One, Mrs Sloan reads a book to the class about swimming safety.
 Mrs. Sloan and her Daughter were the teachers. Jolie knows them well as we carpool with them.
 Making a blow fish face...
 floating on the back with Isabella
 Learning to float
 Waiting for a turn

 GET your whole head wet
 Learning strokes from Ms. Bella
 Swimming lessons are fun.

  1.  Practicing the strokes

 More practice
 Learning the strokes in the water
 Swallowing a little water.

 Time to dive for pennies...
Jolie found seven pennies...

Swimming lessons were fun; We will be heading back again for another week of swimming lessons next week...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I love shoes, Karlie loves makeup and clothes, Jolie loves playdough,  Zach loves guitars, Karl loves boats..but Shek? He loves socks.

Everytime we go to the store, Shek checks out the socks. He gets a new pair, calls or texts Gam to tell her about it, takes photos of them ....He loves his socks. He has all these fancy athletic socks. He loves getting a deal on them at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.

Shek and Zach take an afternoon walk...but first, Shek finds his awesome socks.

These are his latest socks. I love the neon color... These are the current favorite.

Headed to tennis sporting some awesome socks.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Just Married

 Just Married....24 years ago....
It's hard to believe that it has been 24 years since these two kids got married.

Even though it seems like yesterday...
there's been a lot of memories over the years

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back Road Adventures...

 Friday, we took a road trip to Nashville to move Zach home from college. There was rain on and off on our travels, but it held off while we loaded up.
 Lake Nick a Jack is always a pretty scene.
 The trailer was loaded up in no time, we grabbed a quick lunch and headed back home. We hauled the trailer and Zach and Shek followed behind in his car. On our way back home the traffic came to a screeching halt, and Karl's Waze app said take the next exit to get around the traffic. 
So we did. The detour said it would take about 5 miles. We were soon on the back roads....those switch back roads. The scenery was awesome. It was a nice detour.  
 In our distraction to follow the detour, I was taking photos, with Karlie's phone because mine had died; we totally missed the text from Shek that said he needed a bathroom break....
 Finally, we realized he needed a rest stop, in the middle of no we started to look, the traffic was getting thick on the backroads as well. We thought we found  a wooded area, only to realize after we stopped, that it was a wooded drive way and THERE was a big dog coming to greet us. SO back on the way we went. Just around the bend in the  road was a small town and a gas station. The DOT was directing traffic there and told us that there had been a wreck on the interstate some three hours before, involving 3 tractor trailers. The road workers were pulled from road work to direct traffic. 
I was thankful for the diversion, and the fact that the app had us turn off for a scenic tour and we were not stuck on the road with no way out. 
 Our detour lead us to the base of Nick a Jack lake. We saw it up close and it was lovely. I especially loved this little white church nestled at the foot of this mountain by the lake, very picturesque.

 Seeing the lake made us all miss our boat that much more, and the fish were jumping and in some areas we smelled fish. 
 I've been reading Ann Voscamp's 1000 gifts, the message is  to be thankful in all things. I am thankful, for the scenic detour. It has always been there, but has been tucked away from our regular interstate route.
 Happy travelers. At one time, she woke up from a nap and said she wanted to take some more naps. 
 Friday was a long traveling day....
 We arrived back to the ATL at 730 we thought rush hour would have been over....but the roads were thick with traffic...and the HOV land was practically at a standstill..
Soon we rolled on through the big city and were stopped at the redlight at our exit...
the next adventure