Friday, June 6, 2014

Jolie turns 5

Jolie has been planning her birthday for quite a while. I remember on her very first birthday home she didn't understand the whole birthday concept. She has figured it out since then.
Jolie's 2nd Birthday Party...and first one at Home.

 She always always always wants a princess cake, so this year, since she is so in love with FROZEN, we had a Frozen birthday.
 This year she wanted make up, clothes, the pink princess bible, and money for an American girl doll.

 We searched the world over...really just our county for a frozen toy to put on a homemade cake.We found the last one at Publix and just ordered their cake.
 Turning 5 is such serious business.
 blowing out the candle by. her. self. is serious too, thanks for a cleft palate repair.
 Jolie loves chocolate
 Gam always wraps fancy packages, it's too pretty to open...for a second anyway.
 New earrings.
 new outfits
birthday money....American Girl store, Here we come.

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