Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stone Mountain

 We took a trip to Stone Mountain to the see the laser show last weekend.
 This was Emily's first trip to Stone Mountain Park.
 The rest of us have not been in a while either. 
 It was starting to fill up on the lawn so 
 Karl grabbed our blankets to stake out our place while the rest of us rode to the top of the mountain.
 Jolie had been to the mountain earlier but doesn't remember it...
 It was very cool and breezy on top of the mountain....very relaxing.
 You could see the Atlanta skyline in the distance although it was hazy.
 Shek and his selfies.
 Jolie poses for me.
 Emily took several photos of Jolie...I love this's so carefree
She captured such joy just moments before Jolie fell and scrapped her knee. We headed inside found the park ranger and got a band aid...and headed back down the mountain to show Daddy...

Soon the laser show started and we saw all the old favorites of the show and some new things too...

Summer memories....are the best.

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