Tuesday, June 10, 2014

American Girl Adventure

For the past little while Jolie has been planning on going to the American Girl store to get an American Girl doll. In fact that's all we've heard about for the past few months. She requested birthday cash from the grandparents so that she could get her doll. She had a plan.
We were surprised  that she wanted a doll because she usually requests play dough, make up and new clothes when given the option for something special. 
 So a week after her birthday, with birthday money in her hand we girls,Gam, Karlie, and me headed to American Girl. We were headed to have our own special girls day.
 Our speech teacher, Mrs. Jennifer,  told us to make reservations at the Bistro. She said it was soooo worth having a meal there, because the doll gets to sit with you in a booster seat and is served doll food. Mrs. Jennifer said the whole experience is such a sweet memory maker and she was right.
 Jolie wanted to purchase Ivy, the only Asian American girl doll. We recently found out that Ivy is being archived, so we are glad we were able to get her while she's still available. Jolie also wanted the Chinese silks outfit too. So those were our purchases.
 Posing in front of the doll display where Ivy was located.
 After the purchase, a doll helper, got Ivy ready for lunch.
 Jolie received a birthday sticker for her birthday and a star sticker because it was her first visit.
 Ivy was given a birthday sticker too.
 Here we are with our purchases.
 Gam and her girl grands....we had sooo much fun.
 American Girl is a great place for a photo op.
 The bistro was very pretty...very girlie for sure. We loved the decorations.. Karlie, now  a senior in high school says she always wanted to go to American Girl, but when she was little  there was not an American Girl store nearby. So back in the day, she had her doll, Kit, ordered online. She didn't bring her Kit for the lunch, though, she remained on the shelf. LOL
 All the pink decor was cute.
 Karlie checks her phone while we wait.

 Jolie thought eating with her doll was pretty awesome.
 Pink flowers...
 Pink bar stools
 On the menu, we could each choose one appetizer and one main entree. The girls chose the pretzel bites with cheese and honey mustard dips. The pretzels were served on a skewer.
 Gam had the yogurt in a flower pot and fruit skewers and muffins.
 I think we loved the appetizers the best. We loved how the Bistro made everything look so cute...and it was very good food too.

 I had the spinach artichoke dip and pita bread...it was awesome.

 A sweet little light fixture. I love cool lighting.
 A few more poses before we left for home.

 Notice her expression in this photo, I thought maybe she was sad to leave....
 I had her pose one last time by the door, and this is where she asked us: 

"So how long can I keep her? Just for the day right?"
I was caught off guard, and I answered, "Huh?
She repeated the question...
I said, "That doll is yours, for the rest of your life." 
I wondered where she came up with such. I wondered if she had some past experience in China where she didn't get to keep a special toy. I also remember back to our forever family day, where adoptive parents are given custody of their children for 24 hours with the option to change their mind. Yes, Crazy thought I know.
Who knows why she had a worry that she couldn't keep her, maybe I am just an over analyzer? On the way home she asked her sister if this was all a dream. So I guess the American Girl Doll getting day was  for sure a special memory.
 A few poses at Gam's house, where she changed her into her Chinese silks.
 This was my favorite photo of the day.
 Jolie, our sweet American girl, you are loved and chosen by God.


  1. Beautiful memory for Jolie and all the girls. Mikaela and I had a girls day on her 10th birthday to the Chicago American Girl Cafe that was lots of fun. Can't wait for AG memories with Maimie and Saidie.

  2. Thanks Monica...it's such a fun experience..and an awesome place to take some photos


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