Thursday, December 29, 2011


I was sparked a few months ago...and haven't been the  same since!

For several years now, I have struggled with a deep tired feeling...a tiredness that went into my bones. I felt lethargic, sleepy and just plain tired. To put it simply, I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

In the fall, I started taking B12 shots weekly for energy, and one day the nurse told me about spark, a product by Advocare and how much it helped her and she gave me a sample. I tried it and noticed a difference. I told my hubby about it, who had already heard about advocare and he started doing a little computer research.

The adults in the house, Karl, Zach and me, all need to lose weight. It's been a struggle for us over the years as it for many. We discovered the Advocare 24 day challenge and decided to try it. SO, the day after Thanksgiving we started our challenge...and would you believe we lost weight during this Christmas season rather than gaining it. OF course, we had a little of the rich and sweet foods that come this time of year, but we didn't over do...and we've still lost weight.

AMAZING...finally the scales are moving in the direction that I want them to go.

Zach has lost 18lbs since Thanksgiving, Karl 13 and me around 10....and we've lost inches too. THE energy we've gained has been a blessing from GOD.

I. NO. LONGER. TAKE. or NEED. a weekly B12 shot. I drink 2 sparks a day and have stopped needing that coffee for a quick pick me up. Karl used to drink an entire pot of coffee a day and he's off his coffee too...that's a first in over 20+years for him.

SO...FOR...those...of YOU who would like some energy, or some weight loss in the new year...try some advocare. We love it so much we signed on as distributors and our sponsors are friends from church.

Advocare is endorsed by many celebrities, such as Michael W. Smith, and Drew Bees. Check out the many endorsers here.

I'd love to share a sample of spark with you. The first 10 to email me requesting spark will receive a free sample.Please include in your email  your mailing address:
USA mailing addresses only, please.

And Just for fun I am giving away a box of SPARK to one blessed reader.

 SIMPLY become a follower of my blog for one entry. Leave a comment after this blog post for a second entry. Folks that are already followers will just need to leave a comment for 2 entries. Share this post on your facebook or blog or both for one entry each. Then comment with the link of where you've added it... for an additional entry.

Then I will randomly select a winner.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Photo Highlights of 2011!~Sunday Snapshot

2011 is coming to an end! Check out the photo highlights of this past year.

Last winter we were getting ready for a trip to China to meet our daughter Jolie.
We left the good ole USA for the first time in our lives for a 2 week journey.
We toured the Great Wall in the snow. The China traffic and frigid cold weather of Beijing took some getting used fact I don't think I'd ever get used to their traffic.
We met our new daughter who had never been apart from her foster family until she was handed to us...and she came to us wearing split pants...We soon learned to whistle while Jolie was on the potty.. that's how the Chinese encourage their little ones to go.
We met  bloggy friends adopting a friend of Jolie's.
Jolie and Em become friends.

Shek is a great big bro.
Everyone wants the remote.
Honey celebrates a birthday in April...we didn't have the correct candles so you must add them up to get her age...4+4 and then 5+1= 86
Easter/spring family photo
Shek and Jolie enjoy picking strawberries at the Strawberry Patch.
Karlie's PureFashion Show.
Summer picnic when school is out.
Ahh the lake!
Beach Vacation
 zachberrymusic places 3rd in the AtlantaFest2011 Talent Search.
Visiting with Dad at work...on a day when he works from home that is.
 Shek turns 10
 Zach turns 19, three days after Shek turns 10.
Family trip to the Braves game the day before Jolie's surgery.
Moments after coming out of surgery...heartbreaking to see her like this.

Zach's sophomore year at Point University
Karlie's new room arrangement
After 15 years of being members and serving at a great local church, we knew God was calling us out of our comfort zone. After much prayer we moved our membership to another church. Although its hard to leave  our old church,  we have enjoyed learning and growing our faith at our new church. It's always fun making new friends too. The above photo was taken on Youth Duct tape night  for church. Karlie enjoys her new youth group.
Soccer season came and went.
We took a trip to the mtns in the fall to get apples and see the leaves change. The leaves were not at their peak when we went, but soon the leaves around our home were the best I've ever seen.
Sweet photo of JOLIE

WHAT? Karlie celebrates her sweet 16

Karl and I were introduced to Advocare and love the products so much that we became distributors. We are having a giveway on JAN 1st Stop by and comment for a chance to win a box of Spark.
Guitar lessons...
Christmas Dance recital at HOME of FIne Arts
Christmas trolley ride to see the lights.
Christmas Day 2011

2011 has been a great year. We are thankful for God's blessings and provisions. It's been a year with lots of change, new church, new kid, lots of growth in our kids. Karlie started high school, Shek started guitar, Zach has 2 part time jobs plus college. We love that Jolie is a part of our family. She learns and grows more each day. 
God is good all the time. We thank Him for loving us and pray that He will love others through us as we seek to serve and please Him in the days ahead.

Sunday Snapshot

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet the reward machine

We have had this m&m canister forever. Since Jolie loves m&m's I decided to get it out and  use it as a reward system. We call it the naio naio, good speech sounds. Jolie still says the chinese words naio naio for using the bathroom. SO everytime she uses the potty or does her speech sounds correctly, She gets an M&M. We've had some success...pray it continues to go well.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas PJ's

ON Christmas Eve every year, we have a birthday party for Jesus after attending Christmas Eve Church Service. Then after eating party foods, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus we let the kids open one gift and it's always new Christmas PJs.

Christmas Eve Service at Eagles Landing FBC.
We like to sit up near the front behind the deaf section. I like to watch Mrs. Dee and the others sign. It's very beautiful and expressive to watch sign language in action.
We were sitting on the other side of the pew.
We always have Coke in the bottle on Christmas Eve.
 What's my pjs look like mom?
 Sibling love and a little oreos from Honey
 Karlie and her pjs
 The Grinch pjs....
 Posing with her pj box
Jolie checks out her Snowflake pjs while Honey and Shek look on.
 A photo with sis, modeling the snowflake pjs
 Sweet sisters
Diary of the wimpy kid pjs....
Grinch pjs...
Now everyone has new there will be cute kiddos for the Christmas morning photos.