Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Double Eve, y'all!

Yesterday was Christmas double Eve at our house I have called it that since I was a little girl, it could be called Christmas Eve 2 (imagine that 2 up in the air like squared...for the math lover in you!)... Christmas Eve is also known as Christmas Adam by another friend of mine and her family one of her boys named it that when he was 5 years old (because Adam came before Eve).

Anyway, we got up early and hit the stores hoping to get there, and get our stuff before all of the other last minute nuts arrived. AND we did pretty good about beating the crowds.

Karl said we need a new photo together...a self portrait in the truck with a seatbelt on was not what he had in mind though.

 Late last night or at least late for us to go out to eat...we went to Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place down the road. Since Karl, Zach and I are watching the carbs...we did not partake in the pizza...boohoo, pizza is one of my favorites.
 Jolie poses with Karl while we wait for the food.
 My two oldest, Zach and Karlie pose for me.
 Shek and Zach say when is that food gonna get here.
 Cheesy GRINS
 More cheese and the pizza is not even on the table yet.
 Karl got a grilled chicken salad.
 The kids' food.
 Zach and I both had the Caribbean jerk sandwiches on  pita bread
Some decor at the pizza joint...

Merry Christmas Double Eve, Y'all!

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