Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vince and Amy

That's Vince Gill and Amy Grant...IN concert at the fabulous FOX in the ATL!







Last month, on my birthday, he surprised me with tickets to their 12 days of Christmas concert. So we've been looking forward to this date night for over a month! Since adding a new baby to the family, date night has been few and very far between.

 In my teen years, I was listening to AMY Grant all the time...loved her..she was like a pioneer for Contemporary Christian music....and VINCE him oldest boy loved him even as a baby...his song "everybody's sweetheart but mine" was the go to song for us. IF he was screaming in the car, we turned on that song and the crying would cease...and that was in the days that I had to rewind the cassette player...oh how a back button on a cd player would have worked back then...but I digress.

Seeing them in concert was awesome. Atlanta was the last stop on their 12 days of Christmas tour before heading back to TN. Seeing them was like seeing old friends...and you could see they genuinely loved each other and Vince's oldest daughter sang back up and she also sang a duet with him as well...very nice.

 We passed by 4 buses parked next to the fox...wondering which one was their's!
 There's nothing like going to the FOX especially at Christmastime.
 A self-photo taken with the iphone at the fox.
 The set
 Fox light fixture

 Amy Grant...she said she was 51 years old...she looks exactly the same as she did 20+years ago. She doesn't  seem to age.

 Fun Christmas songs at the front of the show then Jesus songs after the intermission
 Vince Gill...such a musician! a great guitarist and vocalist. Zach wanted me to get some video of him playing I did so that my guitarist/singing son can study it.
 I loved seeing them perform together.
 He's a good story teller and quite the comedian too.
 He commented on all of her dress changes. He rolled his sleeves up toward the end and said that was his only dress change. BUT he always commented on how beautiful she looked.

 Fun times
 She talked about how her mom had died earlier this year and that this would be the first Christmas without her mom then she sang the song about her family being more than an heirloom...quite the tearjerking moment!
 They led us in Christmas carols and the whole sold out audience stood to sing together...she talked about how moving it was to see everyone stand...we were all singing praise songs about Jesus' birth.
It was a great concert! I hope they come again next year and that we get to go again!

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