Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Shek's Guitar Recital

Shek and Karlie take several classes at HOME of Fine Arts on Fridays. One of Shek's favorites is guitar. His guitar class is bright and early and sometimes we struggle to make it there on time especially when someone in the car forgets to bring something and we have to turn around to go get it!

Earlier this week, Mr. Ed, Shek's teacher, emailed the parents inviting us to visit the guitar classes and see them perform a few Christmas carols.

Here's some photos I snapped of the day.

 Mr. Ed
 Shek is looking serious here...I think he was avoiding the momma paparazzi...especially since I was the only one snapping photos.
 A smile? Yes, I believe that's a smile.
 Jolie is part of the audience...she is not quite awake here and is wondering...why are we up and out at this time of morning? I hear ya girl! NOTHING should start before 9 am, but does for us on Mondays and Fridays.
 Another guitar student...
And another one...I believe she is a morning person. AND in case you're wondering...the guitar class is also a baby nursery on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.
 Another guitar student in Shek's guitar class.
Finding that chord
Mr. Ed poses with Shek at  the end of the little Christmas carol recital.
Thanks, Mr. Ed for teaching all the kids a love for music and guitar and sharing your expertise with them.

Sunday Snapshot

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  1. I've always wanted to play the guitar. Just never was much good at it. Right now it's the recorder and piano at our house.


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